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Reinforcements in Enlisted: New Campaign Levels | continued

We continue our series of devblogs. In this episode we reveal the new squads, weapons and vehicles. You are already familiar with the upcoming changes in the Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns, today we will talk about the changes in the Battle of Berlin and the Battle of Tunisia campaigns.

New missions

With more to follow in the upcoming major update, we invite you to visit the new battlegrounds we've prepared for all Enlisted campaigns.

Reinforcements for Enlisted: new campaign levels

Another major update is coming, and in addition to many new mechanics and missions, it will bring new squads, weapons and vehicles to all Enlisted campaigns. With these, we begin a series of developer diaries. Talking about the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of Moscow.

Working on improvements to rally points

As an extremely useful game mechanic which will always be in the center of your attention, we thought it would be good to keep you updated as to upcoming changes involving rally points.

More Silver Orders!

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One join the Battle for Moscow campaign!

The ‘Battle for Moscow’ campaign welcomes its new participants - players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles! The campaign entails the earlier years of World War II with battles involving German and Soviet forces near the capital of the Soviet Union. There are 19 game missions and 32 levels of the campaign.

Custom Games

Create a battle with your own rules, invite your friends and other players into it, and be rewarded as if you were fighting in a regular session! These are all custom games. Take a look right now!

Operations: “Sandstorm”

Weapons tuning

Daily rewards

We are happy to present a new game mechanic to reward those Enlisted commanders who play regularly. Daily rewards will be given out every day at the time you first login. They will range from experience boosters to bronze, silver and even golden logistics orders for troops, weapons and vehicles!

New game mode — Destruction

There will be no capture points in this battle. Make your way to the enemy's strategic location and blow it up, along with all the defenders in the new Enlisted Mode!

Expanding the front line!

We recently released the “Battle of Tunisia” into closed beta testing, but we are already ready to please you again with new content in the upcoming major update. This time - making the Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy even larger!

Get a Boost in FPS for Enlisted

Soldiers, we've added an advanced AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution algorithm to the game that allows you to boost in FPS for Enlisted on your device without replacing your hardware.

“Battle of Tunisia” Campaign CBT and Big Update

Let’s give personal orders and find cover from bombs!

Today we bring you two great pieces of news while we work on finalizing the Enlisted update. Today we’ll discuss the function of the personal orders and how in the future you’ll be able to take cover from bombs.