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New levels

Commanders, we are happy to announce that with the upcoming major update you will be able to enjoy several new campaign levels too! Some of the weapons and vehicles that will become available have been eagerly awaiting release for a long time, and some of them may surprise you.

Pacific War

M1 Thompson (Allies)

The distinctive feature of this model of the Thompson submachine gun, simplified for mass production, is its high rate of fire. When fully upgraded, this gun is capable of spewing out 920 bullets per minute! Therefore, the 30-round magazine should be used sparingly.

Type 100 SMG (late) (Axis)

In this late variant, Japanese engineers managed to raise the weapon's rate of fire to the same level as the enemy's weapon - up to 920 rounds per minute fully upgraded. Also another important feature of the weapon is its long bayonet - Japan is famous for its cold weapons for a reason!

Battle of Berlin

IS-2 1944 (Allies)

In front of you is the latest modification of the IS-2, which has access to the improved BR-471B ammunition. The frontal armor of the tank was improved and it also got mesh screens to protect it against AT weapons. Plus the DShK machine gun on top of the turret can be used against both aircraft and infantry!

Tiger II (H) (Axis) 

The "King Tiger" with Henschel turret is one of the most well-protected, mass-produced tanks of WWII. Unlike the Porsche version, it no longer has a vulnerable spot on the front part of the turret, while the powerful 88-millimeter cannon remains the same. In other words, the tank is almost without flaws, and it is better not to be in its sight at all.

AS-44 Model 5 (Allies)

One of the latest experimental assault rifles from the Soviet designer A. I. Sudayev. Compared to the fourth model, already in our game, it retained its comfortable rate of fire, lost its bipod, but instead got a bayonet knife and a new type of magazine with reinforcement ribs.

StG 44 (Axis)

The iconic StG 44 assault rifle made its way to the Battle of Berlin campaign! The StG 44 surpasses its "little brother", the MP 43/1, in every way, and in general it is one of the best representatives of the automatic rifle class in Enlisted.

Invasion of Normandy

M4A2 76 (W) (Allies)

This modification of the M4 tank has already appeared on the battlefields of Berlin as a lend-lease for the Allies. Now it can also be found in Normandy. Together with an improved turret, the tank received a 76 mm cannon, capable of penetrating both Tiger and Panther in a frontal engagement. In addition, the stabilizer makes firing at low speeds more comfortable.

Panther G (Axis)

Many commanders have already been able to appreciate the various modifications of the German "cats". With this major update you will have the chance to use one more! In this modification of the "Panther" tank, the German designers strengthened the "cheeks" of the turret to 110 millimeters and slightly changed the shape of the gun mantlet. The hull armor did not suffer at all from these improvements.

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