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Maintenance July 27th

At 06:30 GMT on the 27th of July, the Enlisted servers and other Gaijin services will not be available due to planned maintenance for the authorization server. Estimated maintenance time will be 60 minutes.


Missing grenade indicator has been fixed. Balance for the missions Invasion Fortified district, Airfield, Ruins of Vaux, Le Bre, Ministry Garden, Hermann Goering strasse has been improved: time to capture strategic points has been increased. The position of aircraft resupply points in the mission Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion) has been adjusted.

Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

Fixed a bug in an unintentional leaving of aiming mode when using a mortar. You will no longer be able to replenish mortar ammo indefinitely.


Fixed a bug which would allow players to kill allies with an air bomb in the ‘Squads’ mode.

Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

Greetings, soldiers! Welcome to the newest update, in which we introduce greater diversity in missions and continue to upgrade the AI soldiers. Missions in the ‘Invasion’ mode have been transformed, creating different route options and strategic points, so it’s time to learn some new tactics! Improvements include an improved interface that will make it easier to navigate the Campaign tab, new cards which will help you manage squads and their weaponry, and the ability to to switch to any desired soldier of your squad, at any time, without cycling.

“Battle Summer” results

The major summer operation has come to an end and we thought you would all want to see your success in the offensive!

New paths in Invasion

OOne of the most loved game modes - Invasion - is becoming even more interesting and diverse in the upcoming update. Come and get used to new tactics and paths in alternative versions of already known missions.

Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

Fixed a spawn point location error in ‘Ver-sur-Mer (Invasion)’ which allowed defenders to approach the respawn location of the attackers. Fixed the smoke trails of VG 1-5 bullets.

Server update 09.07.2021

A rare bug with the Battle Pass progress display has been fixed. As compensation for players for the inconvenience caused, Battle Pass progress has been increased by one star.

“Battle Summer” Rewards

On the 9th of July we have a new operation starting in Enlisted with a number of great rewards, so let's take a look at them in more detail.

Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

For the first time in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign an “Assault” mode mission with simultaneous capturing of two points will be added. The balance of both sides has been improved for already existing Berlin battles and additional cover has been added.

Operation “Battle Summer”


SKS-44 has been renamed SKS-31 to reflect the actual model number and not the production year. Added button to view battle pass vehicle characteristics in the Logistics menu. Updated French, Korean and Spanish localizations.

Rewards in Twitch Drops this weekend!

Watch Enlisted streams on Twitch with “Drops enabled” selected between June 24th (16:00 GMT) and June 28th (16:00 GMT).

Berlin - the start of open beta!