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Armed Forces Day

Making Enlisted a Better Place №35

Dynamic hangars!

New Meta: answers


Fixed bug, related to the GAZ MM, and many more.


Fixed bugs with the tailgunners of all Ju 87 variants, the GAZ-MM and the Flakpanzer I and the player had Full access to the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.

Screenshot Contest: Out of the Archives

Your missions in events


Reduced reload time of the engineer's anti-aircraft guns and other fixes.

Mods Digest: Walking in far lands

Today we have majestic walking tanks, a whole village surrounded by hills and forests near a lake, also an increased amount of snow and custom hangars!

Reinforcements received: Victory day

Victory in Europe Day discounts!

Stalingrad (+3)

News for Battle of Stalingrad participants


Fixed commander's appearance for M10 GMC in the "out of the hatch" position. Fixed the "Respawns" button being non-functional in the "Toolbox" section of the mod editor. Fixed a bug that caused the AI soldiers of the engineer class in the player's squad to equip an engineering hammer when switching to them in combat.