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Update “Pacific War”

The long-awaited large Enlisted update is finally here! And with it — the Pacific War campaign and a new playable nation — Japan.

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Update ( - Xbox, PlayStation®)

A huge set of bug fixes and improvements for your battle experience is here, commanders! We’ve added a new mission in the Pacific War campaign, improved aircraft controls and made their engines less loud. SPAAGs in the Pacific no longer explode when losing their crew — and a lot more important fixes you’ve been asking for are already in the game. Best of luck in your battles!

Pacific Storm

The new season of the Battle Pass!

Update (Server update 30.09.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Changes in some mission of the Pacific war campaign and more.

Update (Server update 27.09.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Fixed a bug that caused the NS-37 cannon of the LaGG-3-34 and Yak-9T to have reduced armor penetration.

DDoS attack on the server

Dear players. From September 24th we have been facing prolonged DDoS attacks on our servers. As a result, some of you may experience problems with the availability of the game and other game services. We are aware of the problem, our specialists are promptly switching the load to other data centres to stabilise the situation.


In the Pacific war campaign, the ammunition resupply point for hydroplanes has been located closer than standard aircraft resupply points.

Twitch Drops to celebrate the major “Pacific Ocean” update!

Soldiers! We have prepared several sets of Twitch Drops for you to give you an edge on the new Pacific front! Watch streams from your favorite streamers dedicated to Enlisted and get some trophies!

Update (Server update 22.09.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Re-balanced reloading speed, heating up of the barrel, and overheated barrel replacement speed for machine guns and small-caliber cannons, and more other changes.

Update “Pacific War”

Adding to all campaigns!

Aircraft Carriers

New Mission: River Crossing

Optimized and Improved Graphics

Pacific levels

The Battle of the Pacific greets you with lots of new weapons, equipment, and squads. There are 26 levels for both the new Japanese army and the US.