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Fixed a bug that caused the research progress of a selected weapon to not be displayed after a battle. Fixed the lack of melee weapons on some players' accounts. Added knives to soldiers and fixed game limitations due to this issue. Fixed inability to start a session search in some cases. Fixed incorrect placement of offers and Battle Pass window on resolutions below 1680x1050. Changed the type of AVT-40 rifle from assault rifle to semi-automatic rifle. Now Assaulters will not be able to use this weapon and it will become available to other classes. This change may block the use of squads already armed with this weapon. It is necessary to reequip them. We apologize for the inconvenience. Fixed the description of premium squad sets to adapt it to the new ability mechanics.

New battlefield - Ardennes

Necessary improvements to the new Enlisted


Fixed a bug that caused console players to be unable to join a game involving a custom mod. Fixed incorrect position of one of the Soviet paratroopers in the airplane cabin before landing. Battle rating of the KV-1 (L-11) for Gold Vehicle Order is corrected from IV to III, which matches its tech tree version. Stage 1 of the "USSR paratroopers" event was marked as "ended" for some players. This has been fixed, and your true progress has been given back to you. Fixed the occasional occurrence of the enemy team's soldiers appearing as teammates, and the occasional occurrence of your own faction's soldiers appearing as enemies.

Reinforcements received: USSR paratroopers!

Meet the new Enlisted!

Mods Digest: Secrets of the past

Fourth testing of the updated Enlisted!

In this test, you can also check the profile conversion that we further refined and fixed, and we will also go into detail about things that might look like bugs.

First changes to battle ratings

New technologies and improved graphics

Reinforcement of premium squads

Important changes after the second test

Making Enlisted a Better Place №54

Combat notes: Fighting armored vehicles

Second testing of the updated Enlisted!