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In Enlisted you are not a loner, but the commander of an entire squad! Every respawn on the battlefield means several soldiers under your command, one of which you control personally while others follow your orders using AI control.

You can freely switch between the soldiers in your squad so you can stay at the most interesting point of the battle as long as at least one of your soldiers survives. If they are all defeated you can respawn on the battlefield with another squad with the specialisation you need.

Recruit additional squads with new specialists, add new soldiers to your existing squad, train and equip each individual soldier with better weapons and equipment to increase your tactical capabilities and lead your team to victory.

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Each newly opened squad has at least one valuable soldier - a specialist equipped with the most special weapons. You start the battle by controlling that soldier. In one battle you can use several squads with different specialists in turn.


The soldier uses semi-automatic rifles and bolt-action rifles as their main weapon, this makes them effective in mid to long-range distance battles.

Soldiers are part of the starting line-up in all game squads and are the largest class of soldiers.


Mortarmen specialize in the use of light mortars. A mortar charge has very high high-explosive and fragmentation damage and, if used correctly, can destroy several squads at once with one explosion.

Mortar fire can be fired from closed positions, making the operator inaccessible to enemy shooters.


Snipers use bolt-action rifles equipped with a telescopic sight as their main weapon, this allows them to eliminate targets at great distances.

The increased range of sighting makes these soldiers particularly useful in counteracting enemies under cover and machine gunners.

AT gunner

Soldiers in a bomber squad can be armed with both an anti-tank rocket launcher and a powerful anti-tank rifle capable of penetrating even tank armour. The main purpose of such soldiers is the elimination of enemy armoured vehicles.

Weaponry for these soldiers can be used against infantry if necessary.


Assaulters use submachine guns as their main weapon, which makes them effective at short to medium range distances.

Automatic weapons prove invaluable in protracted assaults on shelters and buildings.


Engineers specialise in the role of support in battle, they can build fortifications and stationary firing positions.

A wide selection of buildings for the engineer makes them indispensable in countering all types of troops: infantry, armoured vehicles and aircraft.


The machine gunner uses light machine guns as their main weapon, the fire from which is many times more dense than any other infantry squad weapon.

Competent machine gun fire is capable of restraining enemy action in the whole direction of fire.


Medics can heal wounded soldiers on the battlefield and can build a medpack supply crate for others to use. They also see special indicators over allies who are in need of healing while earning points for such aid.

This class is trained in using submachine-guns, so they can take care of themselves in close combat.

Radio operator

Equipped with a mobile radio set, through which an artillery strike on a specified map point can be called. Howitzer fire effectively destroys infantry and with a close or direct hit, the projectiles can even destroy armoured vehicles.

After artillery has been fired, it takes time to reload.


Flamethrowers use a compact flamethrower as their main weapon. The flamethrower adheres to surfaces and clothing, deals a huge one-time damage and continues to burn for a long time.

A flamethrower attack on observation devices on armoured vehicles blinds the crew for a lengthy time.


Motorcyclists perform in battle on a motorcycle with sidecar armed with a machine gun. High mobility and firepower allow for bold breakthroughs and the transportation of other soldiers to the enemy' lines for sabotage and construction of rally points.


This soldier enters the battlefield as part of the entire crew of an armoured vehicle. Powerful cannon and machine gun fire allows you to quickly make a break through and destroy any possible target.

Even one tanker is able to control a tank by switching between places for the driver and the gunner.


This soldier performs their service alone whilst controlling an attacker or fighter. Offensive weapons and bombs, if used correctly, will help to radically and in an instant change the balance of power in a particular area.

Suspended and offensive weapons can be reloaded by flying to a reload point.

Squad upgrade

More soldiers and specialists!

As the squad fights in battle, it receives experience points that can be used to improve it. For example you can increase the size of the squad or open places for additional specialists!

Squad upgrades

Increase the size of a squad and places for additional specialists.

Personal upgrades

More slots for the abilities of individual soldiers and access to new types of weapons.

Workshop upgrades

The ability to upgrade weapons and reduce the cost of this process.

Soldier training

Soldier training

Each soldier is a unique personality

Individual soldiers in the squad also gain experience that can be spent on abilities that improve performance or provide additional skills. For example, increasing the number of rounds carried for the main weapon.

Supply and replenishment

Supply and replenishment

Logistical replenishment for good service

Battles performed well earn you the right to send a request for new weapons to the rear and a call for recruits to your army.

Enroll new soldiers in your squads or send them to the academy for training, and give new weapons to the more trusted veterans.

Lead your own army, Commander.