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First changes to battle ratings

The third test of the update indicates that we are closer than ever to releasing the new Enlisted to the main server! While we're working on bringing you the update as soon as possible, we'd like you to take a look at the first changes to the battle ratings based on your feedback.

As a reminder: battle rating often matches the position of the weapon in the research tree, but not always. For example, a weapon unlocked at tier 4 may have a battle rating of III and vice versa.

Check out the BR changes!

These are neither the first nor the last changes we make to the battle ratings thanks to your feedback and comments. In the future, we will keep changing the battle ratings based on your feedback and the game statistics we collect.

Unique uniforms of the premium squads

You've pointed out that some of the premium squads don't look as good when they are not in their original campaign's uniforms.

We have revised our approach, and now the unique uniforms of premium squads can be used not only in the campaign maps for which they were sold, but also in other maps where it will not significantly disrupt the immersion of the game for players.

In those cases where this approach is not possible, we will try to highlight the uniqueness of these premium squads in the future by gradually updating their appearance on maps where they fight.

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