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Weapon sounds upgrade

There are already over 300 weapons in Enlisted, and with each new introduced, we are getting more experienced. As we work on Enlisted, we constantly gather your feedback on the weapons currently available in the game — and on improving their sound. Today we are ready to present the results of our work.

Hear the difference

In the upcoming major update, more than 70 weapons featured in Enlisted will be improved. It's impossible to fit them all into this dev blog, so we've recorded some of the most telling ones.

And here's one more thing. We've seen a lot of comments about the reload of the Gewehr 41 semi-automatic rifle, and we are ready to show you the new system for it. This will also be included in the next major update, and will be implemented for other similar weapons in the future as well.

We are still not done yet, more new dev blogs coming soon!

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