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Reworking old locations

As you know, we regularly add new locations to existing campaigns, which you are probably already familiar with: Stalingrad Tractor Plant, Steel Mill and New Georgia. We want to use the gained experience to improve the locations already presented in Enlisted — to bring them up to a new level of quality and make them convenient not only for infantrymen, but also for ground vehicles.

You will see the first results of this effort in the upcoming major Enlisted update. Here are the details.

Major upgrades

You are fighting — we are getting statistics. Thousands of battles fought on old locations don't go to waste, they contain a lot of important information about how you play on these maps - what routes and positions you choose, what places you prefer to avoid. Plus, of course, we also read your feedback.

Main idea of these improvements is to add more interesting positions, cover and assets. Here are some examples. 


A lot of the changes are aimed at improving balance and the overall presentation. The path to the very first capture zone in the bunker used to be quite difficult — a lot of obstacles and an almost flat shore. We removed some obstacles and added some cover that will help you to get closer to the first bunker.

And also changed the elevation of some distant German positions, from which the whole Allied respawn on the shore used to be visible.

Small changes were made to the inner parts of the location: we added some new assets like rocky cliffs. They are not only there as part of the scenery, but also to more clearly indicate the directions that cannot be traversed with a large squad.


The changes here are similar. Now you can attack the bunker on the shore not only frontally, but also from the side. Climbing up to the main battle zone is now safer.

Also worked on the appearance of the coast — in some places it was empty, but now it has become a full-fledged combat zone with dozens of cover and defensive positions. Added two additional capture points: a bunker on the beach and a bunker with a coastal gun. And the beach itself also underwent a general cleanup.

Welcome to Stalingrad

In the major update, this campaign location will be available to all USSR and German players, so you can appreciate our work here as well. As well as the improvements.

The access to the Gorky Theater from one side was very exposed, and those who occupied the theater often used it to their advantage. Now there are ruins of kiosks instead of the park with lonely trees (perfect place for a rally point), and the windows are much easier to shot through.

We have also cleaned the streets a bit, removed the large pieces of debris that were preventing the vehicles from passing and made many other small improvements. You'll be able to check it out very soon, and we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions — where else should Enlisted’s location artists put their talents to use?

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