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New Campaign Levels

Give your army a unique style!

Clothing and equipment for your soldiers, as well as camouflages and historical markings for vehicles

Silent Weapons in the new Battle Pass season

The hunt for Battle Pass rewards promises to begin with renewed vigor! Silenced weapons for all armies, new heroes, and many important improvements regarding mechanics. Let's take a look at some of the season's rewards right now!

New Locations and Missions

Stalingrad Weaponry

Let's meet the battle participants and their weapons, as well as take a look at the city itself.

Take a look at Stalingrad

We’ve already shown you the key exclusive features of Stalingrad. Now it's time to take a closer look at the city itself, which has been under siege for 200 long days and nights.

Join the "Battle for Stalingrad"!

New squad class: Medic

Today in Enlisted you can choose from 13 squads of soldiers, each with their own unique weapons or very useful skills for the whole team. But even in such a huge army of unique fighters of the World War II there is room for another important profession. Meet the Medics!

Aircraft Gunners

Danger in the air!

Mine discussion

When introducing weapons for Enlisted, we try to make sure that you can find as many cool weapon types as possible to liven up the gameplay and still stay within the bounds of a believable depiction of war. Mines are not the least on this list and today we would like to ask you for ideas on how to improve them.

Be ready for new weapon upgrade mechanics!

In one of the upcoming updates we are introducing a long-awaited change — a new, simpler and easier to understand weapon upgrading mechanics. In addition, there will be a few more great changes in Enlisted and this is a warning about them in advance that will give you time to prepare.

Personal Profile and the Steel Fortress event

New gaming mode “Armored Train”, and the addition of “Berlin” on Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Reinforcements are arriving in Berlin! Owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One previous generation consoles join the battles in the center of the German capital, and the campaign itself expands by one new location and first introduces a brand new battle mode - Armored Train Escort!

The next Battle Pass season's new features

The fourth season of Battle Pass is about to begin. As usual, there are a number of exciting new features to look forward to!