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Burning Sky: Part 2

The final blog about the new campaign levels arriving in the upcoming update Burning Sky: Berlin, Tunisia, and Stalingrad!

Battle of Berlin

Level 34: Snipers III

There's plenty of long-range engagements in the German capital, so snipers have their hands full. And if you were to arm them with automatic rifles, you would get some truly universal soldiers - and, well, this is just the case.


41st Infantry Division

244th Infantry Regiment

This squad is armed with the AVS-36 with a sniper scope. Its zoom is likely to be more useful in the second line of battle rather than in distant positions. At medium range the damage output is just enough to put down most enemies with a single shot. And for critical situations this rifle offers an automatic mode with an excellent rate of fire, emptying the magazine of 15 rounds in only a couple of seconds.


342nd Infantry Division

697th Infantry Regiment

It's here! The StG 44 with a sniper scope. In case you are not familiar with it: high accuracy, very smooth and predictable recoil, and, perhaps, the ideal rate of fire. Of course, it is inferior to the AVS in terms of damage, but the 30-round magazine will more than compensate for this gap.

If you are experienced enough, this rifle will serve you well on the front line. And the 4x sight will help you save bullets.

Level 35: Armored vehicles

Here are the most powerful and heavy tanks of the Soviet Union and Germany. Their mere presence on the battlefield can boost the morale of your team!



The 85-mm main gun of the late T-34 was honestly rather small for such an imposing heavy tank like the IS-1, and the Soviet design engineers realized that. So they’ve fixed it: the 122-mm D-25T is clearly more suitable for this machine and much more dangerous for the Panthers and Tigers.

Still, you shouldn’t shoot thoughtlessly: The IS-2’s armor piercing shells are very powerful, but not almighty, and if it fails to pierce the armor or ricochets, you’ll have to wait for this huge gun to reload, which will take much longer than its predecessor.


Tiger II (P)

The King Tiger. Even its name is epic! You can control a giant with superb frontal hull protection and a fantastic 88-mm KwK43 gun.

The weapon is capable of penetrating all potential opponents and reloads rather quickly, so don’t mind your size and act aggressively. Angle your armor to improve your defense, but don’t overdo it: the sides of this royal cat aren’t as durable as its face.

Premium Squad


If the automatic rifles for the snipers weren’t enough, here are a few very interesting examples for the new premium squads consisting of 4 assaulters and an engineer. These squads offer an experience boost along with a set of optimal perks: better horizontal recoil control, quicker reload and faster sprint. 

389th Infantry Division

1277th Infantry Regiment

The AS-44 was inspired by the first trophy German Mkb rifles. Even though the prototype wasn’t perfected enough to be approved for army use, in the public competition the AS-44 was a rival to the AK. The rifle offers very good accuracy and stability, higher damage than SMGs, optimal rate of fire and a 30 round magazine.

32nd Grenadier Division

88th Grenadier Regiment

The STG 45 (M) is one of the alternative versions of the StG 44. A roller-delayed blowback operating system and a few other adjustments made this modification even cheaper and easier to manufacture, but it didn’t make it: the army had to fight with the StG we all know.

Still, a few prototypes were made, and now they’re in the hands of these premium assaulters.

Battle of Stalingrad

Level 27: Riflemen III

It is once again time for the rifles to shine in Stalingrad. And this time their shine will put a tear in tankers’ eyes.

321st Infantry Division

484th Infantry Regiment

The Mosina M91/30 with an anti-tank grenade launcher!

It’s simple: these grenades are capable not only of taking out a couple of soldiers, but also of breaching thin tank armor, such as the top of the hull or the turret. They don’t do much beyond that, so we recommend selective targeting: destroy the engine, take out the tracks or mince the commander.

3rd Infantry Division

29th Grenadier Regiment

The German answer — a Kar98k with an anti-tank grenade launcher.

Its stats are very much in line with its Soviet counterpart, as is our advice on its use. The eyes of an enemy that faces nine riflemen with these anti-tank grenade launchers are sure to be of the same size, too.

Level 28: Vehicles

Т-34 (1941)

This modification of the T-34 doesn’t have additional armor plates found on the STZ version, but thanks to lower weight the vehicle is notably more mobile on the battlefield.

The main gun, by the way, is the same as STZ’s, so you’re not going to lack firepower.


The famous German assault gun that was the answer to the armor of the Soviet T-34 and KV-1 tanks.

Its 75-mm gun will also impress you with the damage of its high explosive rounds.

Premium Squad


Elite assaulters! These soldiers are strong and agile, being able to control the horizontal recoil of their SMGs easily, resist nearby explosions and climb over any obstacles faster.

154th Separate Marine Infantry Brigade

3rd Infantry Battalion

The classic PPSh-41 that has been parkerized — covered in a special coating that gave it a deep dark hue.

Which is quite fitting to the squad’s uniform! These marines participated in many important battles, such as the defense of Moscow and the battle for Don, and now they’ve arrived to protect Stalingrad.

100th Jäger Division

227th Jäger Regiment

This squad is armed with the Finnish Suomi submachine gun that features a quite unusual form. Its long barrel helps raise the damage of its 9-mm bullets, so this SMG is more powerful than its Soviet counterparts.

The Suomi proved itself in the Winter War, leading Soviet design engineers to create their own versions of it.

Battle of Tunisia

Level 33: Assaulters III

56th Infantry Division

35th Infantry Brigade

The M1928A1 Thompson with a drum magazine. Those who don’t have a Tommy Gun dream about it; those who do — dream of a larger magazine. Well, their dream came true: 50 shots that still have to be used carefully, since the high rate of fire isn’t going anywhere.

101st Motorised Division

65th Infantry Regiment

The Beretta M38 with a larger magazine that holds 40 bullets. This SMG is very easy to control, mostly due to a comfortable rate of fire that doesn’t kick the barrel up too much.

Level 34: Aviation

Tropical modifications of two famous fighter aircraft. These machines were modified for use in the desert heat, but otherwise aren’t much different from their trusty and effective original versions.

Spitfire Mk Vc/trop

A 20-mm Hispano cannon is good, but four Hispano cannons are even better. It’s not the fastest, but very maneuverable - however due to the extra weight of the cannons, it's not quite as agile as other Spitfire variants.

Bf-109 F-4/trop

Unlike its British competitor, the Bf 109 relies on speed and boom-and-zoom attacks. Its accurate nose-mounted cannon and two machine guns are more than enough to down a mid-sized plane, and if not — you can always go for a second attempt. Nobody can catch up with you at high speed anyway (unless you start maneuvering of course).

Premium Squad

Assault aviation

Tunisia was long asking for the expansion of the assault aircraft fleet. Here it is!

Mosquito FB.Mk.VI

Let’s start with the suspended armament. Two 500lb bombs will be enough to obliterate any vehicle, while infantry can be cut down to size with the four cannons. The Mosquito is also fast! Sure, it can’t outrun many fighters, but it can quickly get extra ammunition and return to the battlefield with more gifts for the enemy.

Breda 88 (P.XI)

The Mosquito’s competitor can’t boast the same max speed, but it’s a bit more maneuverable, and its rear is protected by a gunner! You’ll have to aim more carefully while dropping bombs, but you can unload three 100-kg explosives at once.

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