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Pacific levels

The Battle of the Pacific greets you with lots of new weapons, equipment, and squads. There are 26 levels for both the new Japanese army and the US. Those of you already familiar with the US army in Enlisted will be happy to see some familiar and unique weapons too.

Join the battle!

Pre-order bonuses

Purchase a Special Landing Forces pack on PC before the release of the update to receive exclusive bonuses! If you're playing Enlisted on console, you can get these bonuses by purchasing a Special Landing Forces pack within 14 days of the update release.

This in-game portrait, a Samurai Mask tank decorator and camouflages for your Amphibious tanks ‘’Y-5 Jaws’’ and ‘’Sakura’’ — stand out!

The portrait and decorator will be available to you immediately after purchasing the pack, even before the release of the Pacific campaign.

Pre-Order Special Landing Forces

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