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New Replay Functionality

Meet the first update diary for our upcoming major update, commanders! We're preparing a new combat zone, equipment supplies, an expanded arsenal, plus something big that we’ll be keeping a secret for now. So, we'll start the story with a tool to capture all of these things for yourself so you can show your friends. Hit "Record!"

Record in Replay

In the major update, you'll be able to create quality screenshots and even record video using the built-in replay tool.

But it's not just screen captures. In the cinematic menu, you'll be able to create a screenshot or record a video at a higher resolution than what's set in your client's settings. For example, you will be able to take a 10k screenshot or record a 4k video while playing in FullHD!

NOTE: 10k screenshot size (by click) is 80 mb
NOTE: 10k screenshot size (by click) is 80 mb

We’ve worked hard on upgrading our replay services so that you don't need any extra software to make impressive screenshots and videos. The Enlisted client can do it even better!

We’ve also kept working on improving the already existing features as well. In the major update you'll find fixes for a lot of replay bugs and a smoother camera mode, making fly-throughs and similar actions much more stable.

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