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Aircraft Carriers

The war between the USA and Japan in the Pacific Theater was primarily fought with naval forces, which both countries were very proud of. Armadas of these Leviathans supported many marine landings, and among them are the heroes of this article. Aircraft carriers will be participating in the next campaign!

Floating Airfields

These ships will become the starting point for you, pilots: all Pacific air missions will begin on the decks of aircraft carriers. “Ready to take off” — and you’ll be catapulted off the deck at flying speed.

Both carriers will be waiting for their pilots to return to refill ammunition and repair any damage sustained in battle. Pilots have been dreaming about this for a while.

Armed and Ready

No one will dare chase and attack you near these ships: AA batteries of multiple calibers will deter anyone willing, and blow to shreds those who persist.

These impregnable fortresses can be seen from many points on the battlefield, reminding everyone of the incredible power that both countries wield!

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