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Let's open the Pacific Front!

It's time to announce the main theme of the upcoming major update. Enlisted will launch the long-awaited Pacific campaign!

A new theater of combat operations and a new participant - the Japanese army awaits you. As well as unique weapons, equipment, game mechanics created for them, and many other significant improvements to the game that will make this battlefield a truly memorable experience.

Participate without restriction!

The Pacific campaign will be available to all Enlisted players without any restrictions. Progress in the campaign will be the same as in Normandy, Tunisia, Moscow and Berlin.

That said, the most loyal fans of the Battle of the Pacific will be able to stand out and receive helpful bonuses! The new campaign includes a Special Landing Forces pack, which includes exclusive content, four premium squads, and bonuses that cannot be earned any other way.

Special Landing Forces pack Contents

Premium reinforcement

Two bonus squads each for Japan and the USA: Assaulters and Amphibious Tanks!

These squads are only available as part of the Special Landing Forces pack.

Well-trained soldiers and equipment

Squads you unlock in the campaign and hired soldiers are issued already trained, and purchased weapons and equipment are upgraded.

The maximum level is one step away.

Nickname decorators

This exclusive decorator will help you stand out as a supporter, and give you a noticeable sense of style on the battlefield.

Take a look at the squads

The Special Landing Forces pack includes a whopping 4 premium squads: Assaulters with unique weapons will help you quickly get used to a new front, and the new amphibious tanks will definitely come in handy regarding the large number of water obstacles in Pacific battles.





Giretsu Paratroopers | Assaulters

"Giretsu" is a special forces squad formed from experienced army paratroopers. It was created to deal with Allied attacks on Japanese islands and has successfully fought in various operations.

The squad traditionally includes an experienced Engineer.

2nd Marine Raider Battalion | Assaulters

The Raider Battalion was formed from experienced soldiers who were supplied with the best equipment of the marines. They took part in the Guadalcanal campaign and won a major defensive victory at the Battle of Edson Ridge.

The squad, like the Japanese, has an Engineer capable of building any constructions as well.


Type 1 SMG

An amazingly compact and lethal "little guy." The Type 1 SMG for these assaulters has it all: impressive damage, huge magazine capacity, and an excellent rate of fire for 50 rounds. That's about all it takes.

Thompson M1928 USMC

The Thompson M1928 USMC is an unpretentious and lethal submachine gun that was used extensively by American Marines on the Pacific front. It is especially easy to control thanks to its full-size forend grip.


Ka-Chi | Amphibious tank

The majestic giant leviathan will easily conquer both land and water. And if you try to stop it, there's a 47 mm cannon waiting. Taking into account its pontoons the tank is enormous and will just about fit in your hangar, the crew count similarly is immense at 7 - all this provides amazing survivability to the Ka-Chi. You can even leave it and get a fully-fledged squad of tank assaulters.

LVT(A)(1) | Amphibious tank

The American approach to Amphibious vehicles is no less original - the high mounted turret allows the tank to fire without exposing its vulnerable hull to the enemy. A rapid fire 37 mm cannon helps to keep any threats at bay. Although its caliber is smaller than that of the Ka-Chi, the power to weight ratio of the vehicle is almost twice as high, which greatly increases mobility.


Pre-order bonuses

Purchase a Special Landing Forces pack on PC before the release of the update to receive exclusive bonuses! If you're playing Enlisted on console, you can get these bonuses by purchasing a Special Landing Forces pack within 14 days of the update release.



This in-game portrait, a Samurai Mask tank decorator and camouflages for your Amphibious tanks ‘’Y-5 Jaws’’ and ‘’Sakura’’ — stand out!

The portrait and decorator will be available to you immediately after purchasing the pack, even before the release of the Pacific campaign.

Pre-Order Special Landing Forces


A new nation — a new confrontation!

The Pacific Front is the site of fierce battles between the USA and Japan. That means Enlisted will feature a new nation with its own unique squads, weapons, and vehicles!



For the start we’ve prepared 26 levels for each side. And for this front, the US army will also get a big set of new weapons. Here are some samples.


Type 100 SMG

This is Japan's most famous and mass-produced submachine gun with a proven and reliable layout. It withstood the ruthless tropical climate with dignity.

Owen Mk.1-42

An Australian submachine gun with a very high rate of fire. The recoil is thankfully easy to control due to the comfortable front grip.


Type 11 LMG

The first light machine gun of the Imperial Japanese Army. Distinguished by its original hopper feed system, which reduced the weight of its ammunition and simplified reloading.

M1941 Johnson MG

A machine gun with a very useful ability to switch not only between firing modes, but also between two different fire rates! But even in the normal firing mode the M1941 is noticeably faster than its predecessors.


A6M2 mod. 11

The legendary Reisen. Even in its earliest modification it features amazing maneuverability, surpassing almost any opponent in the sky! And alongside such competent flying characteristics, the armament and ammunition are decent too.


Self propelled anti-aircraft guns are also arriving in Enlisted — not only a powerful means of anti-air defense, but also a nightmare for enemy infantry! Specifically on this platform are two 12.7 mm Brownings — an impressive density of fire. And the gunner is not so easy to knock out either behind a block of armor.





The Pacific Ocean is steeped not only in the scent of salty seawater, but also in the spirit of heroism, so it is with this campaign in Enlisted that the berserk-attack mechanic will appear, during which your soldier will gather all of their strength and unleash it in a rush with a cold weapon in their hands.

Clutch your rifle and bayonet tighter, draw your trusty sword or arm yourself with an axe, then press the attack button while running to noticeably speed up and unleash fury on your enemy.

Japanese flair



Many of you already recognize the Japanese Lunge mine from its appearance. The principle of its application is simple — get close to the tank and hit it. But even in this case there are tricks — learn how to use the mine at a distance from the armor, to have a chance to survive after the explosion and to fight even longer for the emperor.

Phosphorus Grenades



Throw one into the enemy's cover, and if after the explosion the enemy is not swallowed up by fire, the dense toxic smoke will definitely blow them out of cover. Otherwise they run the risk of dying from the fumes.

Experienced strategists can also use the cloud of smoke as improvised camouflage on the battlefield, just, don’t take any deep breaths.

Stay tuned

After all, we’ve only gone into a handful of the new features of the upcoming update and will continue the story in the next devblogs. We’ve got a lot more interesting things prepared for you all!

Ocean and Islands



Pacific launches with several major combat locations that feature a multitude of missions in a variety of game modes. From the large-scale battle for Guadalcanal, where the US and Japanese armies clashed in one of the key battles of the war in the skies, at sea and on land, to the bloody battle for Gavutu Island, which was home to one of the many established Japanese military bases.



While the countdown to the Pacific Front is on,  we'll have time to tell you more about the other new mechanics, new Pacific levels, and news for our other Enlisted campaigns.

Bring on the Pacific Front!


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