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Bringing Features to All Campaigns

As always, we’ve been working on adding certain features into campaigns they weren’t initially included in. In the High Caliber major update, airstrikes and remote TNT charges will appear in all campaigns, while phosphorus grenades will be introduced in the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of Tunisia campaigns.

We’ve also finished attaching the pilots' hands to the controls of their aircraft — also in all campaigns.

Phosphorus Grenades

You’re already acquainted with these fearsome grenades thanks to the Pacific War campaign. When they explode they don’t just engulf everything in a small radius in flames, they also create a dense cloud of toxic smoke that can prove fatal to enemy soldiers. A great weapon to smoke enemies out of buildings and block their advance for quite a while.

You’ll find the British No.77 grenade and the Italian SRCM Mod. 35 FI in the Logistics menu of Normandy and Tunisia.


This feature was first implemented in the Battle of Stalingrad and now, at last, it becomes available in all other campaigns. An armada of bombers with powerful high explosive bombs will cover a huge area and destroy tens of soldiers and vehicles that happen to be at the epicenter.

Radio operator squads can call in airstrikes when they unlock the airstrike upgrade.

Remote TNT Charges

A TNT charge for those who enjoy precision. It can be placed wherever you like and detonated remotely. Mine the capture point and blow it up as enemies begin occupying it, or set it as a warm welcome for enemy vehicles! Just make sure the soldier holding the trigger doesn’t die. After all, “you’d never give it to an ordinary citizen”!.

Correct placement of the pilots’ hands

Now in all campaigns the pilots’ hands are placed correctly on the controls of the plane and repeat all of the commands you give to your aircraft. Now nothing will get in the way of feeling like a true pilot in the cockpit.

We keep on working on all elements of Enlisted and will soon be back with another news piece dedicated to several more improvements and features. See you in the next dev diary!

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