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Smoke for your tanks and mortars

No army has ever been able to create a perfect protection from enemy weapons, that is why throughout history commanders, trying to improve the survivability of their soldiers, have been looking for ways to not receive enemy fire at all.

The High Caliber update will introduce one of those ways — smokescreens.


This kind of ammunition is already familiar to you thanks to the smoke artillery and regular smoke grenades. Neither opposing players nor enemy AI soldiers can see you through a heavy smokescreen, allowing you to easily pass through dangerous areas to the enemy's strategic points.

In the High Caliber update, another type of smoke ammunition will appear — mortar shells. Each mortarman will receive smoke shells in addition to their regular high-explosive shells!

You can easily switch between these ammunition types during shooting. Even a single smoke shell is enough to cover a capture point so you don't have to worry about sniper fire, for example. What? Your enemy wants to fight? Then they’ll have to come a little closer.


During the battles of these steel giants in World War II, smoke was used everywhere! In Enlisted, there will be several ways for the tanks to disappear from the enemy sights.

Smoke grenade mortars will be available for some German, U.S., and British vehicles. These shells fire in the direction of the turret and create a thick smokescreen, allowing you to retreat to repair the vehicle or get closer to the target.

Also for many tanks, whose armament historically included a smoke shell, it will become available in combat. To use this ammunition you’ll need to reload, but it’s worth it: you can fire a smoke shell right under the enemy tank, blocking out their sight. Or, just like the mortarman, create a safe route to the target for your allies.

In addition, the cloud of a smoke shell is denser and more voluminous than that of a smoke grenade, and the projectile itself does not lack kinetic force, and thus is capable of causing damage upon direct hit.

We have no doubt that you will find the use of this tactical tool in various combat situations.

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