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Necessary improvements to the new Enlisted

Enlisted has been updated, and now each of you, commanders, is faced with the task of adjusting your army for the new environment of the game and getting used to the new rules of the matchmaker for creating battles. For some, these difficulties became significant and even affected the overall impression of the update.

We see your feedback and have already started implementing some of the needed improvements, which should help everyone to get a more comfortable experience.

Better Battle Rating display

A lot of things are now built around the new BR mechanics, including battle balance and likely battle locations. To make it easier to navigate these mechanics, we will add a display of the army's current BR to the main screen.

Adding an option to disarm soldiers in reserve

The longer you played Enlisted, the larger your army will be when you start playing the new version.

To save you from complicated logistics, we will add a button to the squad and soldier selection interface that will remove all equipment - weapons, items, customization elements and other optional things - from all soldiers and all squads in your reserve.

You can then manage your gear as you wish.

Adding a sell option for unnecessary squads

There are leftover squads from the old Enlisted that are not tied to the Research tree. In some cases, these squads are no different from the new ones, and there may be so many of them that they make it difficult to navigate the squad selection menu.

We will add the ability to sell such squads for a significant amount of Silver. You’ll be able to get rid of duplicates or ineffective squads that you don’t plan to use anyway. Thus making the squad selection easier.

Work in progress!

Work on these mechanics has already begun. We will try to complete them as quickly as possible. And, of course, we continue to work on other improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you for your patience and active help.


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