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Fourth testing of the updated Enlisted!

In this test, you can also check the profile conversion that we further refined and fixed, and we will also go into detail about things that might look like bugs.

The new Enlisted features merged campaigns into countries, research trees instead of linear progression and many other fundamental changes to the game.

From 29th November (13:00 UTC) to 30th November (13:00 UTC) test the updated Enlisted on a special test server.

Download test server client

preliminary patch notes

  • If you already have the test client installed — just start its Launcher on the test day and it will update the game.
  • Your game account is copied to the test server. Any actions on the test server, including purchases for Gold and earned progress, will not be transferred to the main game server.

Account conversion details

As before, our focus has been on ensuring that your accounts are properly transferred to the new Enlisted. With the third test, we provided you with a list of cases where vehicles or weapons were only unlocked if you met their conditions and so these were not bugs. Nevertheless, you continued to report such cases, which is why we changed them so that these would no longer raise questions.

The only point that remains relevant is duplicate vehicles.

It is completely normal if you find several identical vehicles in the hangar - they could come from different campaigns or as a result of the changes in the research trees. More is better than less.

Updated Matchmaking

We are ready to show you the new matchmaker that we created with your help. It will be based on the battle rating of your weapons and vehicles used by your active squads.

Balance and locations

The matchmaker will try to assemble sessions to ensure that players with weapons from the early stages of the war (battle rating 1-2) play separately from players with later and more powerful weapons (battle rating 4 and 5). Players using equipment with battle rating 3 will have an equal chance to get into battles with players rated both lower and higher.

This way, rookie commanders will be able to master Enlisted easily and more comfortably, and the queues will not be significantly split - this will also help to fill the game sessions.

Additionally, the maps for low and high battle rating are different. For example, USSR players with low battle rating will get Moscow and Stalingrad battles. With medium rating they will be able to get any location, and with high rating they will more often see Berlin, although sometimes they will get Stalingrad against similarly equipped players. We wrote more about which maps will be tied to which battle rating in our previous devblog.

Thank you!

Each test participant will be rewarded with a unique "Honor" portrait. If you missed the opportunity to get it last time - you can get it now!

Portrait «Honor»

The portrait will be issued on the main game server to all players who have completed at least 3 battles on the test server about a week after the end of testing.

We will diligently collect your ideas and comments in this thread! Remember that the changes are not final and your feedback is always welcome! 

If you find a bug, please report it on the dedicated portal. We would appreciate it.

report a bug

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