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New technologies and improved graphics

It's our passion to make Enlisted even more beautiful. And the Dagor game engine is very flexible when it comes to adding new technologies and improving graphics. In the upcoming major Enlisted update, we will bring you new visual pleasures while keeping the system requirements low.

Vehicle tracks

Even a basic armored vehicle can weigh several tons. Such a beast is sure to leave behind a noticeable track on the soft ground. It should - and it will!

Sand, dirt, snow and similar soft terrain will deform under the wheels and the tracks of the vehicles. We are not talking about just textures, but a full-fledged deformation, similar to what you can do with a shovel. Tanks will not be able to bury themselves while spinning in place, but active tankers will definitely be able to leave their marks on the landscape of the battlefield.

And it's not just that it’s spectacular: you can literally find your opponent’s vehicles by following their tracks, as if you were a real hunter!

Burn, burn brightly

"You can always improve the fire", as they say on the forum.

So we did. Added a better burning effect to vertical surfaces. The flames became more "vicious", but at the same time you can see through them a bit better, and we also improved the flamethrower’s jet to look prettier on high graphics settings.

Foam party

We haven't left the turbulent rivers untouched either and we're adding foam generation. At high graphics settings foam will appear in river sections where the flow is strong, creating the effect of a lively and noisy water body. It's a joy to drown in such water.

Clouds and volumetric fog in high resolution

Our priority remains to make the game available on systems with all kinds of performance, so clouds and fog in the game are rendered in lower resolution. They are simultaneously beautiful and do not consume a lot of resources.

However, for those who prefer to squeeze the most out of the game, we have added the option to render the clouds and fog in high resolution. Check the difference.

The endless blue sea

If you have ever been up in the sky in an airplane, you may have noticed the strange look of the horizon line - as if the Earth is flat. That's absurd!

We have improved the effects of the horizon - now the line is smooth and looks natural. And those who dare to test the flat Earth theory and get closer to the edge of the world will be killed by Enlisted. 👍


DLAA, or Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing, is a technology from Nvidia designed to not only increase frame rates in games over traditional anti-aliasing methods, but also to make the visuals more beautiful. Unlike DLSS and FSR, which process the picture at a lower resolution and scale it using neural networks, DLAA works with native resolution, so there is no increase in FPS, but the picture becomes much better. This technology is ideal for owners of the latest RTX cards.

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