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New battlefield - Ardennes

In the second half of World War II, major offensive operations were still within Germany's reach. The counter-offensive organized by the Germans in December 1944 could drastically turn the balance of power and even knock the Allies out of the war.

In the next major update of Enlisted, the Ardennes Offensive will begin! Play missions on the new maps Dominant height and Huertgen Forest!

In the middle of the action

The German operation ultimately failed. Although both sides' losses were high, the Germans didn't achieve their main goal of splitting the front and encircling the Allied forces, thus freeing up resources for the Eastern Front.

In Enlisted, you will find yourself in the epicenter of this battle. Fall is in no hurry to give up its hold here: while the foliage has a rich golden color, the trenches in the mountains are already covered with snow.

We have built this large location based on the real terrain, and since the battles have not yet started in full force, you will have time to enjoy the architecture and sights of the Belgian town.

You’ll find defensive positions and complex engineering structures, near which the German command did not plan to fight at all. You can also see here and there the aftermath of the initial firefights in what used to be quiet places.

A lot of different missions await you in the cities and in the vast countryside. All locations have been created with our inherent attention to detail!

The USA and Germany with Battle Rating 3 or higher will be able to get into these battles. Put on your warmest clothes!

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