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Fixed bugs with the tailgunners of all Ju 87 variants, the GAZ-MM and the Flakpanzer I and the player had Full access to the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.


Reduced reload time of the engineer's anti-aircraft guns and other fixes.


Fixed a bug that made it impossible to enter an open doorway in the Steel Mill mission. Added missing stairwells to the Steel Mill map. Fixed a bug in the Soviet 72K anti-aircraft gun that caused zoomed in sight view immediately on entry to the gun. Corrected characteristics of Type 4 rifle.

Nickname display unification

The displaying of nicknames for all Gaijin users has been unified.


Restored the old engineering construction menu. The muzzle flash of light firearms shot has returned to its previous value. Fixed a bug that made it impossible to pick up the dropped TNT charge. Improved balance in some missions in all campaigns.

Airborne forces - major update


For all missions, the aircraft respawn point has been further distanced from the closest capture point. Reduced the border line of the capture point.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №34

Update (Server Update 10.03.23 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Fixed gamepad controls and prioritization for the following actions, and more other fixes.

Update (Server Update 09.03.23 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Fixed incorrect number of reinforcement points for one team in the Manor (Conquest) mission in the Battle for Moscow campaign and more.

Update (Server Update 07.03.23 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Enemy player classes are no longer displayed in the statistics. PC: Fixed a bug that caused the Sb-2m aircraft to sway from side to side during flight.

Update ( - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Update (Server Update 16.02.23 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

AI soldiers armed with submachine guns will now not use pistols at long range while trying to shoot the enemy. Fixed a bug that caused the commander of the amphibious Ka-Mi tank to drown when moving the vehicle in water.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №33

Search for Replay by nickname

Commanders, the Replay service has a new feature — search by nickname. Thanks to this, you can find battle records that involve a specific player.