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Battle Pass: Fall Season of 2023

October 25th marks the launch of the new season of Battle Pass! And today we present you the list of rewards that you should expect with it.

Main rewards of the season

Breda PG (CR) («Ось», Тунис)
Breda PG (CR) (Axis, Tunisia)

This version of the Breda PG 1935 rifle, made for the Costa Rican government, has several key differences from the original Italian version: it uses 7х57mm Mauser rounds and features an automatic fire mode with a four-round burst limiter. This unique feature allowed the rifle to reach a much higher fire rate than the stated 350 rpm.

T20E1 Rifle (Allies, Normandy/Pacific)

This rifle is one of experimental variants of the Garand M1 with an automatic fire mode and a detachable magazine holding 20 rounds. John Garand proposed this rifle as a replacement for the BAR machine gun to the US army. After WWII was over, this experimental design was used as a basis for the development of the famous M14 rifle, which is still in service to this day.

Type Hei rifle (late) (Axis, Pacific)

As many other Japanese weapons, by the end of the war the Type Hei rifle underwent a few technological changes. Its design was slightly simplified, which increased the fire rate and improved the reload speed. The weapon was equipped with a 10-round magazine and retained its long sharp bayonet, which was essential for the army.

Gorov light machine gun (Allies, Berlin)

This machine gun, which was unusual for the Soviet design school and vaguely resembled the Bren, underwent testing in 1942. Being very light and using the Lahti-Saloranta M/26’s 20-round magazine, it’s much more like a semi-automatic rifle. And that’s why you can arm most soldier classes with this machine gun!

As usual, the list of rewards isn’t limited to just weapons. Here’s what else the new Battle Pass season will bring you.

Four new unique soldiers with the best stats for their level await you! And alongside them, four vehicles with unique camouflages!

And finally, instead of a poster, this season will offer you a portrait.

“American officer” portrait

Keep following the news, Commanders, the most important announcements are still to come!

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