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Making Enlisted a Better Place №54

Combat notes: Fighting armored vehicles

Second testing of the updated Enlisted!

Birthday discounts!

Happy Birthday, Enlisted!

Making Enlisted a Better Place №53

Mods Digest: Embrace the darkness of the night

Reworking old locations

Changes suggested after testing the update

What’s new on YouTube: #6

A detailed video about the new currency, the second part of the grenade guide and legendary Enlisted Mythbusters.

Armory: New challenge!


Soldiers can now climb through small windows easier and some mod editor fixes.

Testing the new Enlisted!

Friends, we invite you to take part in the testing of the updated Enlisted. Merging campaigns by country, research trees instead of a single branch and many other major changes to the game will be available to you for the first time on the test server.

Battle Pass: Fall Season of 2023

October 25th marks the launch of the new season of Battle Pass! And today we present you the list of rewards that you should expect with it.

Weapons and vehicles of the next update

Commanders! We’re happy to announce that the next major update will bring the long-awaited new progression and the transformation of the game, which we’ve covered in previous posts. Alongside those changes we’ll add new weapons and vehicles to your arsenals — this dev diary is all about them.