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Meet the new Enlisted!

The new Enlisted is here, Commanders! Research trees, campaigns merged into countries, updated matchmaking, improved soldier training mechanism, a new unified currency and tons of other improvements to the game. 

Let's start with a brief overview of what's changed and how things look now in Enlisted.


Now progression takes place within the framework of separate countries, instead of campaigns. Progress is no longer linear, it is represented by a tree where you can choose which branch you want to prioritize.

Choose an interesting direction and all the experience you gain in battles will be used for the research of those new weapons, vehicles and squads. 

The researched weapons can be purchased for the new unified currency - Silver. It replaced the bronze and silver orders for soldiers and weapons. The orders on your account have been converted to the new currency.


Enlisted’s new matchmaker has learned to balance battles based on the strength of the opposing sides! The weaponry of each army is divided into battle ratings, and depending on the equipment of your army, the matchmaker tries to find you opponents of similar strength.

Also, based on the equipment you choose, the list of maps available for battle changes.

Your selected country still determines the fronts you can get to and your opponents in battles. So playing as the USA, you could find yourself in Normandy, the Pacific Ocean or Tunisia. And when playing as Germany - near Moscow, Stalingrad, Berlin and also in Normandy and Tunisia.

Your army

We have significantly improved the system of upgrading squads and individual soldiers. It has become more simple and easier to understand, while the choice of perks has been expanded.

Soldiers no longer receive perks randomly. You choose which perks are more important and can quickly change them using Silver. At the same time, some perks now have multiple levels of effectiveness.

Soldiers no longer have ranks, only levels: you can raise a soldier from 1 to 5 stars with the experience gained in battles. Higher level means more perk points and a greater choice of perks.

Also note: with the release of the update, the number of squads with the same specialization that can be used simultaneously will not be limited to two, as we previously announced. We want to collect more statistics in the new patch to see if this measure is necessary.

Your account

In the new Enlisted, we've preserved everything you had before! Your weapons, squads, orders, achievements and currency.

  • Gold spent on additional squad slots and tank camouflage will be refunded to all players within one week. You will be able to reallocate it as you wish in the new country system once it has been credited to your account.
  • The levels of existing squads have been recalculated to reflect the changes. Your squads are still as strong as they were, but now they fit the new Enlisted. Also, after seeing your feedback about some of the weaponry that would have to be researched again, we have taken great care to address this issue: nothing that was previously available has to be researched again if you had it unlocked!
  • Please note: if you unlocked the Pz.III N in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign, you will keep it with its unique configuration. It differs from its research tree counterpart by the absence of spaced armor and it has different ammunition - HEAT shells instead of HE.

You can read more details about the conversion in our devblog series about the new Enlisted.

And now on to the rest of the new features and improvements of this update, Commanders!

Weapons and Soldiers

  • Added new weapons for Japan:
    • Type 2 SMG - A submachine gun with high rate of fire, bayonet and 50 round magazine.
    • Type 99 LMG - Similar to the Type 96 LMG, but designed to fire the more powerful 7.7mm cartridge.
  • Improved reloading for the following semi-automatic rifles: SMLE Mk III, Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I, Gewehr 98 Wartime mod, Type 4 rifle, Johnson M1941, Kar98k Trench, Springfield M1903 Air Service, Turner SMLE. Depending on the number of rounds in the magazine, loading is either by clip or by cartridge.
  • Added the ability to send soldiers to the rear in bulk.
  • Added the ability to view and change the appearance of soldiers on the maps of each campaign. When starting the practice mode, soldiers are dressed according to the campaign selected in the menu. 
  • Battle Pass unique soldiers can now be purchased in the Shop of the corresponding country.
  • The "-x% damage when hard landing with a parachute" perk is now available for the Paratrooper soldier class.
  • Paratrooper class soldiers without unique Primary weapons can now use certain compact weapons which can also be used by the Tanker class - for example, the M1E5 Garand.
  • Medic class soldiers can now use assault rifles.
  • Rider class soldiers can now use shotguns and assault rifles.
  • Fixed incorrect characteristic settings for Flametroopers I and II soldiers.
  • Added new rank icons for the Japanese army.
  • Type 4 rifle: Increased the reload time from 4.7 seconds to 5.2 seconds.
  • Charlton Automatic Rifle: Added semi-automatic fire mode.
  • RD-44: reduced dispersion, reduced recoil by 12%, increased recoil control, returned the ability to sprint with the weapon, reduced aim down sight time by 17%.
  • Browning M1919A6: Increased the reload time from 5.7 to 6.5 seconds.
  • Type 100 SMGs: Increased weapon stability while aiming. The sight is less likely to obscure the target when shooting while moving.
  • M3 submachine guns: Improved accuracy, reduced recoil and made it more predictable.
  • M1903 Springfield (Pedersen device): Increased rate of fire from 320 to 420 rpm to match other pistol-caliber carbines.
  • Chauchat: Increased accuracy (reduced dispersion by 37%).
  • PPSh-41 (box): Reduced aim down sight time by 10%.
  • SVT-40 with Bubnov drum: Increased weight, reduced recoil by 9%, increased aim down sight time by 5%.
  • Webley Mk VI Revolver, Enfield No.2 Mk I, Lebel 1886 M93: Fixed the reload time values on the stat cards.
  • Type 99 LMG: Fixed a bug that caused the kills to be counted toward the submachine gun kills category.
  • Rifles that were the default weapons for new soldiers in old campaigns and are available in the research tree are marked with D (Default) when transferred from the old campaigns to the new system. Having a Default weapon does not unlock it in the research tree, unless that weapon is unlocked by a squad that the player already had. For example, if the “52nd Mixed Engineer Battalion” squad of engineers was unlocked before the update was released, this squad and the Carcano M41 rifle will be unlocked, while for example the Kar98k Kriegsmodell will not be unlocked. These weapons are fully identical to the standard upgradeable version in terms of characteristics, except when sold for Silver.
  • Slightly increased aim down sight time for shotguns, to match other basic weapons with iron sights.
  • Fuel tanks are now correctly displayed on Flametroopers.
  • Improved soldier placement in the main menu.
  • Improved the placement of the BSA Welgun in the hands of soldiers.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the mortar barrel to lower when loading a shell.
  • Fixed a bug that caused tracers to not always correctly display the direction of the bullet's flight.
  • Removed the ability to switch weapons while charging with melee weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI soldier to sometimes leave the vehicle when the player took his seat.
  • Made it more comfortable to fire bursts with PPSh-41, PPSh-41 (box), PPD 40, PPD-40 DSZ, PPT-27, PPD 1929, PPD 34/38, PPD-34.
  • Redesigned background location for presenting new soldiers and vehicles.
  • Premium soldiers obtain one free redistribution of perk points.
  • Starting weapons for German squads were unified, because of that VG-2 rifles were changed to Gewehr 33/40. 


  • Synchronized and updated the reload sounds of a large number of weapons.
  • Added a notification sound when purchasing a squad slot for Gold.
  • Updated the sound of the ocean and the waves.
  • Added sounds to falling trees and bushes.
  • Added new verbal orders.
  • Hit sounds on the player are now more clearly audible.
  • Improved the sound effects from airplanes in the distance.
  • Improved the sound effects of shell impacts.
  • Added sound effects of shrapnel flying and hitting various surfaces from nearby explosions.
  • Subsonic and supersonic bullets, as well as large caliber bullets and shells are now followed by different sound effects depending on speed and caliber.
  • Added sound effects of shrapnel hitting the player from nearby explosions.
  • Added sound effects to ricochets of tank shells.
  • Added sound effects to ricochets of bullets.
  • Improved the sound effects of the Fedorov Avtomat.
  • New firing sound effects for the PP Shpitalniy 1940 and the PPT-27.
  • Updated firing sound effects for the SIG 1920, MP 28 (7.65 mm), Type Hei rifle and Type Hei rifle with extended magazine.
  • AKT-40’s firing sound has been changed to a more appropriate one.
  • Fixed missing reload sounds from certain stationary guns.


  • Adjusted the position of buttons for managing equipment.
  • Added filter for squads in the upgrade window and in the squad selection window.
  • Added information about the battle rating to the tooltip when hovering over a piece of equipment.
  • Added a notification icon when soldiers have unspent perk points.
  • Added visual representation of the armies selected by the players when in a squad.
  • Added shortcuts to the Research menu.
  • Shortcuts in the Gold purchase confirmation window are now the same everywhere.
  • Soldier recruitment window has now fixed height.
  • Buttons in the event window are now the same size.
  • Improved the statistics in the Player profile window.
  • Improved the logic for displaying different types of currencies.
  • Improved the readability of the daily rewards’ description.
  • Fixed the shortcut for changing the status of the "Ready" button while in a squad.
  • Fixed the readability of the text in the soldier’s Appearance window.
  • Event tasks are now displayed in the battle queue window.


  • New vehicles:
    • D4Y1 - Japanese dive bomber.
    • Ki-61-II Otsu Kai - Japanese fighter.
    • Ho-Ni I - Japanese self-propelled artillery.
    • Chi-Ha Short Gun - Japanese tank.
    • Chi-Nu - Japanese medium tank.
    • LaGG-3-11 - Soviet fighter.
    • M4A3 (105) - American medium tank.
  • Refunded the Gold spent on vehicle camouflages for all players.
  • Wheels and tracks now leave marks on various surfaces.
  • Ricochets now leave a mark on vehicles.
  • The condition of the repairable part is now displayed more clearly: destroyed modules are shown in red when hit, and then - in black with a flashing outline.
  • T-34-85 (D-5T): Added the armor value of the top of the turret and bottom of the hull to the stat card.
  • Bf 109 F-4/trop - Corrected the position of the pilot's hands in the cockpit.
  • Spitfire Mk Vc/trop - Corrected the position of the camera and the pilot in the cockpit.
  • Added a special damage camera mode when destroying vehicles.
  • Fixed inability to penetrate infantry with tank shells.

Controls (consoles)

  • Improved the navigation using the arrow keys and the d-pad in the upgrade menu.
  • Fixed the display of hotkeys in the army selection window when not using the gamepad.


  • Updated XeSS version to 1.2.0.
  • Updated DLSS version to 3.1.30.
  • Added DLAA support.
  • Disabled the "Enhanced Texture Filtering" setting - this setting has been moved to other algorithms.
  • Optimized the rendering of various particle effects.

Visual effects

  • Improved the lighting in the menus. Improved the color correction and the saturation of most materials such as leather, wood, metal, etc.
  • Fixed many minor visual bugs.
  • Adjusted graphics preset settings for better visuals.
  • Added volumetric clouds and fog in high resolution.
  • Fixed a bug that caused fire on vertical surfaces to have a visual effect on horizontal surfaces.
  • Added graphical improvement, FoamFx. It increases foam generation in rivers, only works when the Water Quality is set to high.
  • Added better water rendering in the distance. Now water is no longer "cut off", but has a natural looking horizon.
  • Fixed various artifacts related to reflections on water, including when flying above the clouds.
  • Burning grass now creates an ash effect.
  • Reduced the intensity of waves from gunshots and other impacts on water.
  • Destroyed weaponry (vehicles, AT/AA guns, etc.) now make thicker and larger clouds of smoke.
  • Now, when a surface that was set on fire by a flamethrower or a Molotov cocktail is extinguished, the glow gradually fades.
  • Improved the effect of smoke grenades.

Locations and Missions

  • Improved the layout of multiple locations: Univermag, Gogol street, Fortified district, Ruins of Vaux, D-Day and Ver-sur-Mer.
  • Added missions: River crossing (Destruction), Gorge (Assault), New Georgia (Destruction), New Georgia (Conquest), Birch Grove (Assault), D-Day North (Invasion).
  • Added alternate capture points to the Ver-sur-Mer (Invasion) mission.
  • Improved infantry spawn points, battle areas and vehicle resupply points in the Omer (Invasion), Pokrovskoe City (Assault), Pokrovskoe City (Conquest), Pokrovskoe City (Destruction) missions.
  • Improved the infantry spawn points in the Munda Point: Airfield (Invasion) mission.
  • Improved the infantry spawn points and battle areas in the Ruins of Vaux South (Invasion), Ruins of Vaux North (Invasion) missions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the attacking team’s spawn points, in the Assault and Destruction modes, to appear on the newly captured zones.
  • Changed the location of aircraft spawn points on aircraft carriers in multiple missions: Munda Point: Airfield (Invasion), Munda Trail: Bibilo Hill (Invasion), New Georgia (Confrontation).

AI soldiers

  • AI soldiers can now climb up and down almost any ladder.
  • AI soldiers are now positioned in vehicles based on their available perks for improved driving, aiming and faster gun reloading.
  • AI soldiers can now use stationary machine guns. If a friendly player stands close, the AI soldier will leave the machine gun.

User Modifications Editor

  • Returned the "Moon" location for use in custom mods.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sound of an engineer building being destroyed to play when unloading a scene.
  • Fixed the erratic movement of vehicles due to the lowered tickrate.

Other Improvements

  • The amount of resources available for engineering buildings is now displayed in the combat interface, similar to ammo for weapons.
  • Fixed the incorrect camera position when respawning from spectator mode.
  • Added an option to the game settings that keeps the pilot’s head straight when tilting the airplane.
  • Fixed brief performance drops in the main menu when closing the Options menu.
  • Changed the timer’s location and size in the event widget. 
  • Fixed the flickering of the countdown timer in the premium account purchase window. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Battle Pass rewards list to not display the 3D model of the boosters properly. 
  • Fixed missing tooltip when giving AI soldiers an order to deconstruct an engineer building.
  • Fixed the shaking of objects mounted on the train.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to gain experience when completing the training.
  • Fixed the flickering background in the main menu on the Xbox platform.
  • Fixed a bug that caused paratroopers to see the aircraft resupply points.
  • Removed the empty space in the pop-up window when enlisting soldiers or purchasing gear, weapons and vehicles in the store. 
  • Fixed a bug in the Controls menu that caused gamepad hotkeys to remain on the screen when switching the "Use gamepad" option from "Gamepad" to "Auto".
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