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Even Fight Event: Sea Predator

Customization for Moscow, Normandy, and Berlin


Fixed a bug that caused artillery to do damage to friendlies. The button to add a fourth squad member has been returned to the contact menu. Changed the grenade model from MK2 to Mills for Allied soldiers in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.

The Stalingrad Tractor Plant

Smoke for your tanks and mortars


Fixed the incorrect recoil on some types of the weapons picked up from killed soldiers. The bug also caused a sudden lowering of the sight after firing. Fixed a bug that made it impossible to call artillery in some cases. Fixed the initial camera position in the Werbig station (Confrontation) mission.


The order that quick messages are displayed in the radial menu has been changed. The option to automatically choose an optimal game server has been temporarily disabled for bug fixing.

Bringing Features to All Campaigns


Now an AI-soldier uses a gun only if they are at close range to the enemy, and they are using a rifle or anti-tank rifle as their main weapon. Fixed indestructible mobile rally points built by AI-soldiers.

“In the Crosshairs” event


Commanders, this update will surely please many of you! We’ve significantly expanded the AI capabilities of your squad members and AI-controlled squads, an updated squad orders menu, and rebalanced weapons in the Pacific War campaign.

New Replay Functionality

Meet the first update diary for our upcoming major update, commanders!

Making Enlisted a Better Place №31

Happy Birthday Enlisted!

Making Enlisted a Better Place №30