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New hit decals on vehicles

As we prepare for this year's first major update, we're going to begin our developer diary series by telling you about Enlisted’s visual improvements. Or even better, we’ll show you!

Before changes on the left | After changes on the right

We have radically redesigned the decals of hits on vehicles. Depending on the angle of impact, caliber and force of the shell, the effects of hits will appear differently on the armor of your tanks, armored cars, APCs and other vehicles. Much more realistically and in greater detail than before!

Did a HE shell explode? Shrapnel will leave marks on the hull. Hit by a powerful tank shell? It'll create a massive hole. Lots of new details!

Before changes on the left | After changes on the right

Fighting against armored vehicles is a big part of the fun when playing as infantry. With the release of the upcoming update, you will clearly see the results of your efforts.

We're taking your feedback into account as we continue to work on making important changes, like changes to the visual recoil of weapons, as well as many other changes.

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