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What’s new on YouTube? #8

In this new digest, we continue to bring you the most interesting reviews, news, guides, memes and other videos dedicated to our game!

Do you upload interesting content to YouTube? Trust us, we'll find you.

“20+ Tips & Tricks Enlisted's BEST Players Don't Want You to Know…” by MajorMcDonalds

Have you used our replays feature? It can be used to analyze your recent matches to improve, study the strategies of an honorable enemy player, or to make impressive cinematics!

MajorMcDonalds used it to analyze the strategies used in Enlisted’s first clan war, so you can learn a lot from these competitive players to improve your own gameplay.

“First Season Battle Pass” by RoMich

The new Enlisted Battle Pass, the First Season of 2024, was released recently, and we’ve been hard at work collecting feedback from players about it.

Are you unsure about getting the new Battle Pass equipment? To help you make that decision, RoMich released a fun short video using the mission editor to test out all of the new unique weapons, vehicles and even the exclusive portrait!

“How To Destroy All BR 4/5 German Tanks” by HeyQuadro

Are you one of those Allied players who are eagerly awaiting the American Pershing tank, which we revealed in one of our previous dev blogs, and which will appear in the game soon to help you deal with the legendary German King Tigers?

Never fear! Enlisted provides you with many different ways to handle armored vehicles. HeyQuadro recently released a great short on handling ALL high BR German tanks, including the Tiger II (P) and (H) variants, with rocket launchers!

Commanders, Enlisted’s next major update is fast approaching - how hyped are you? Let us know on our forum!

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