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Enlisted is coming to Steam!

Friends, today we are very happy to announce the next step in the development of Enlisted. In the first quarter of 2024 the game will be available on Steam under the name Enlisted: Reinforced — symbolizing the recent massive changes to the game, and how far the community and Enlisted has come since its initial release. 

Battles will remain fully cross-platform between the Gaijin.Net client, Steam, PlayStation® and Xbox.

Add Enlisted to your Steam wishlist and stay tuned for more news and updates!

Enlisted on Steam

You will still be able to play Enlisted via the official launcher available for download on the Enlisted website. From there you can login with your Gaijin.Net account and also your Steam account. To login to the Steam version of the game however you’ll need to create a new account associated with Steam.

If you’d like to move over to Steam and play the game there while keeping the progress of your Gaijin.Net account, we’ve prepared an account migration option.

Within 30 days of Enlisted’s release on Steam, you will be able to transfer your Gaijin.Net account along with all your progress to the Steam version of the game! Although, if you’d like to make sure that all of the funds from your purchase reach the developers in full, you’re more than welcome to continue using your Gaijin.Net account.

Thank you for reading and sharing this exciting new step with us, let’s get ready to welcome some new Commanders to Enlisted!

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