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Reinforcements received: APCs

In the "Reinforcements received" events, you’ll upgrade your army with unique and well-armed squads, rare weapons, vehicles and always-useful items. Main rewards will help you unlock content that normally takes more time to reach in a regular lineup.

From 1st February (13:00 UTC) to 29th February (13:00 UTC), get battle score in battles and move up the rewards ladder!

Please note: you now have two days to complete each task!


You'll get rewards during the whole event, and the further you progress through it, the more valuable they'll become. You can easily skip a few tasks and still get the main rewards!

Main rewards

Mobile rally points with weapons and protection for a whole squad! If not an ultimate instrument of war, then very close to it.


Universal Carrier - a small and lightly armored vehicle, which served as the main "workhorse" of the British army in WWII and was supplied to other allied countries.

It was really universal - reconnaissance, transportation of infantry and supplies, towing anti-tank guns, and even a self-propelled artillery. Good maneuverability, speed up to 48 km/h and excellent off-road capability helped it to cope with any tasks.

This variant is protected from small arms fire, and is equipped with a Bren machine gun on a tripod and a Boys AT rifle in the front of the hull to counter light armored vehicles.

The crew of this little guy consists of four soldiers.


Sd.Kfz. 251/9 - an easily recognizable half-track APC, one of several variants used extensively by the German Army in WWII.

The main advantage of the Sd.Kfz. 251 is its good protection from small arms, for both the crew and the soldiers in the fighting compartment. While its main disadvantage is the high silhouette, which can not be confused with anything.

This variant is capable of performing the role of both an APC and a formidable self-propelled 75-millimeter gun.

Additionally, the forward mounted MG42 machine gun will help to fight off enemy infantry.

The crew consists of four soldiers - no more can be taken into battle, otherwise there would be no room for the shells.


  • Squads are issued to specific countries in this event.
  • Tasks are updated every two days at 13:00 UTC, and the scoring starts again. Be sure to collect your reward before then, if you have managed to accumulate the required number of battle points, otherwise the task will not count.
  • The task can be completed in the Squads mode.
  • From 29th February (13:00 UTC) to 2nd March (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase any missing rewards for Gold.
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