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Improving Berlin

Our location artists continue their journey around old maps, creating new pathways, adding more reliable cover and other balance improvements. This time we return to the center of Berlin.

By the way, we’ve already made a few noticeable improvements to it, and this is Round Two.

Road to the Reichstag

Two new pathways have been added to the southern part of the Ministry of the Interior. Previously, attackers only had one path, under the three arches, through which they could attack the Reichstag or the Kroll Opera House from the Ministry. And it could have been easily covered by a tank from the park near the Reichstag. Now it’ll be easier to slip by unnoticed.

We’ve also opened a few previously blocked windows on the northern side.

The Reich Chancellery

Earlier, it was possible to attack Hitler’s office from the east via two corridors, and from the west - only via the marble gallery. 

We’ve opened up a nearby corridor that was inaccessible before. This alternative path will help the players diversify their tactics.

We’ve also solved the problem of the easily destroyable covers inside the Reich Chancellery. Some sandbag barricades were replaced by durable filing cabinets that the Germans carried to their positions. Now a single heavy machine gun won’t dominate the entire corridor, and Hitler’s office will be harder to clear out with grenades.

A few other small improvements.

We’ve changed the height of the windows of the brick buildings near the Reichstag and in other parts of Berlin. Now it’s comfortable to fire through these loopholes.

A few changes were made to the civilian houses. We’ve barricaded a few small dead ends to improve navigation in these buildings.

These improvements will be added to the game in one of the upcoming major updates, and we’ll keep collecting statistics and your feedback about our maps in Enlisted.

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