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Reworking old locations: A walk around Berlin

We are very glad that you welcomed our idea of updating old Enlisted locations, so we are happy to keep it going.

In the comments section under our previous devblog there were many suggestions about Berlin. Well, the art team has gone to clean up the construction dust, and you can take a look at the results of our work, which will appear in Enlisted in the next major update.

The banks of the Spree

Let's start with the hot stuff. You're facing the intersection of several missions with the road to the Reichstag and the Berlin Central Station. Here our work is the most noticeable.

The pontoon bridges have been moved closer, and now you have three alternative directions for attack. The very first point of one of the missions will become much more diverse tactically for both attackers and defenders.

On the way to the station, we made room for vehicles to pass more easily and also improved it for infantry - we corrected the most problematic positions. And at the same time we cleaned up the tank routes: the road near the embankment now has fewer potholes and indestructible objects.

As before, we rely on heat maps, and even the smallest changes will have an impact on the gameplay in Berlin.

Hitler’s Bunker

We continue to fill our maps with interesting routes and covers, while fixing design flaws.

All possible vehicle routes have been improved to make it easier to move around the location - we’ve cleared the road from small debris, so now it will be much more convenient for vehicles to push forward.

We made many changes for the infantry too. First of all - increased the opportunities to take cover from shots coming from the hill. While one of the main changes is the removal of the destructible pillbox in the capture zone. Now there are two burnet-out tanks there (we destroyed them). Hopefully, reliable cover will provide more incentive to capture one of the most difficult points of the mission.

Strasse and Reichstag

Only some simple, basic improvements here - we also cleaned up the tank route, optimized infantry covers and fixed a few bugs.

As for the Reichstag, we added covers on the way to the capture point for both attackers and defenders, so that one grenade thrown over the central pedestal would not decide the fate of all soldiers "on the other side".

We only covered the most noticeable changes. In general, there are a lot of other improvements to Berlin, from capture points to vehicle routes. These changes were the most significant ones in our work on the location, and as always we will closely follow your feedback about them - so share your opinions!

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