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Making Enlisted a Better Place №29


The M8 armored vehicle no longer explodes after the death of the entire crew. The Thompson .30 submachine gun’s shell casings have been corrected to match the gun’s calibre.

Refreshing Starter Packs

One of the most affordable, yet extremely useful items in the store has undergone a notable refresh. Introducing the improved "Starter Packs" — special for most campaigns, with increased weapons and soldier levels.


“Maneuver warfare” pack

Making Enlisted a Better Place №28

Q&A: The Mod Editor


Fixed a bug that caused DevMode to be inoperable in the mod editor. Characteristics of SMLE Mk III rifle with grenade launcher were corrected in accordance with characteristics of usual SMLE Mk III (increased damage, increased recoil, decreased rate of fire). Fixed a bug that could make soldiers that have been killed to seem to fall slower at low fps. Fixed the old description of the ability that speeds up a change of body position in the description of some premium squads.

Making The Engineer’s Guns More Specialized

Making Enlisted a Better Place №27

Each update of "Making Enlisted a Better Place" focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.

Update (Server update 14.10.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Pacific war campaign missions changes and some bugs fixes.

All your replays!

In Enlisted, every battle you play does not disappear into thin air, instead the server saves them all, and they can be replayed directly in your game client. Replay mechanics appeared with the "Pacific war" update, and today it got an update — now in the general list of battles, with one click you can display only your battles!

Making Enlisted a Better Place №26

Update (Server update 10.10.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Improved the hit registration of the Japanese Lunge Mine Ni05 while having high ping. Fixed a bug that caused Premium Flametrooper squads in the Battle of Tunisia campaign to lack defense against fire. This is a skill in all Flametrooper class soldiers that allows them to stand on a burning surface longer and not catch fire. Corrected errors of displaying battle zones in missions: Werbig station (Invasion) of the Battle for Berlin campaign and Gavutu South (Invasion) of the Pacific war campaign.

Update (Server update 07.10.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Changed max level of some tanks and fixed incorrect display of battle zones.