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Our plans for upcoming updates

We keep sharing our ideas for improving the game with you. In the previous blog we already told you about the better visualization of your army's current BR, a button to quickly disarm your soldiers in the reserve and an option to sell unnecessary squads.

In the upcoming updates we will implement these features and add a few more ideas to the list.

Improved auto-equip

You can already find this button in your soldiers' preset options and allows you to give them the best equipment and weapons from your inventory in one click.

We will add levels to it according to the current BRs. Building an army for BR 3 battles? Select it from the list and click the button. Your soldier will take the best equipment from your inventory, but... not above the specified BR.

More accurate information about your BR

We have already planned to clearly display your current BR in the interface, but we also want to provide information about the BR of your potential opponents, as well as the maps you can get with your current BR.

"Dress the soldiers like this"

With the merging of campaigns there is now the possibility for one country to get into both winter locations and battles at other seasons of the year and on other fronts. We've kept the customization tied to the former campaigns so that Enlisted could remain authentic wherever the opportunity is available to us. 

But according to your feedback, dressing every soldier in a large army for different seasons and battlefields proved to be very time-consuming.

We got you. We’ll add the possibility to apply the selected clothes on one soldier to the whole squad with one click. They'll try to take it from your inventory or if you don't have the needed items, there'll be an option to purchase the missing ones.

The work on the new Enlisted continues.

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