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Update "New Era"

Barely two weeks after the big Enlisted update with the campaign merge, new matchmaking and progression system, we present you another new Enlisted update!

Armored transport vehicles and a new class of soldiers — APC driver. These squads with their vehicle have their own unique slot, rather than a vehicle slot, and allow you to not only transport soldiers across the battlefield, but also function as a mobile rally point for your entire team.

We've added the Ardennes Offensive for the USA and Germany, our artists have refined Berlin, and each of you will find new weapons and vehicles in your country's research tree. Including transport vehicles and APC drivers.

We’ve also optimized the game, added new effects and are getting ready to please you for Christmas and New Year. Happy Holidays!

Weapons and Soldiers

  • Added a new weapon for the USSR:
    • Maxim-Tokarev — a heavy machine gun of the interwar period featuring a large drum with a 100-round belt and a 600 rounds per minute rate of fire.
  • Added new weapons for Japan:
    • Type 99 rifle (early) — a familiar rifle with excellent accuracy and high rate of fire due to its better quality.
    • Type 99 rifle with grenade discharger — the rifle's barrel-mounted grenade launcher allows you to fight both infantry and vehicles effectively, thanks to its special hollow charge grenades.
    • Tokyo Arsenal SMG — an experimental Japanese submachine gun with a 50-round drum magazine and an incredible rate of fire — 1200 rounds per minute!
  • Added Rifleman III and Assaulter IV soldier classes, along with their own squads, to the Japanese research tree.
  • Added winter uniforms for US soldiers.
  • Added a new soldier class — APC driver.
  • Added a feature that allows mass removal of unnecessary equipment from soldiers and squads in the reserve.
  • Added a button to sell leftover squads from the old version of Enlisted that are not tied to the research tree. In some cases, these squads do not differ from the new ones, and there may be so many of them that they make it difficult to navigate the squad selection menu. The sell button will allow you to reduce your army and make it easier to navigate among your squads.


  • Added new vehicles — APCs and unarmored transport vehicles. These vehicles can hold entire squads of soldiers and also function as mobile rally points. Allies spawn in the vacant seats in the back of the vehicle.
  • Added new vehicles for the USSR:
    • GAZ AAA — an all-terrain truck, adapted for the transportation of infantry.
    • Halftrack M3 — an armored transport, supplied to the USSR under lend-lease, equipped with a 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun. Can be purchased in the Premium store.
  • Added new vehicles for the USA:
    • M3 Lee — an interwar tank with a 75 mm gun mounted in the hull and a 37 mm gun in the turret. Operated simultaneously by the commander or alternately by the gunners.
    • M4A1 — a modification of the M4 tank with a cast hull and a stabilized 75 mm gun mounted in the turret.
    • AP-4C — one of the most popular US carrier-based fighters, armed with 20 mm cannons and eight HVAR rockets.
    • Studebaker 6 U1 — a six-wheeled truck with high sides for the USA.
  • Added new vehicles for Germany:
    • Sd.Kfz. 7 — a half-track vehicle for transporting infantry.
    • Sd.Kfz. 251/1 — a well-known half-track armored personnel carrier. It is equipped with a 7.92 mm machine gun with a gun shield that will protect the shooter from incoming fire. Can be purchased in the Premium store.
  • Added new vehicles for Japan:
    • Na-To — self-propelled anti-tank gun with a 75 mm Type 5 gun and an open cabin.
    • Ho-Ni III — the closed cabin provides better protection for the crew of this self-propelled artillery, and the 75 mm Type 3 gun allows it to fight against most Allied tanks of the mid-war period.
    • Type-94 Isuzu — a six-wheeled right-hand drive truck for the transportation of infantry.
  • Hurricane Mk IIb/trop — added 2 G.P 250lb Mk.IV bombs.
  • A5M4 — added 2 60kg Type 97 ground bombs.
  • Yak-1 — replaced the 50 kg FAB-50sv (forged) bombs with 2 FAB-100sv (forged) bombs.


  • Added filter by mission type to the custom game creation window.
  • Fixed the incorrect updating of customization items on a character in the Appearance menu.
  • Added display of earned score for engineering actions to the score table in the debriefing.
  • Added a new Battle of the Bulge soldier appearance section for the USA and Germany.

Visual effects

  • Improved the effects of firing engineer-built guns — shots create more particles, the dispersion of which can be affected by wind.
  • Added dust effects on the ground from firing large guns depending on the surface: dirt, sand, snow, rock/asphalt.
  • Changed basic wind settings for correct behavior of branches swaying in the wind.
  • Improved explosion effects for TNT charges, anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.
  • Improved impact effects, for example, on sand and mud roads — now particles have a more accurate color.
  • Added effect of snow falling from trees.
  • Added snow flurries effect.
  • Added effect of snow falling from rocks.
  • Added snow blizzard effect.
  • Added a new effect when hitting hay.

Locations and Missions

  • Added new missions Huertgen Forest (Invasion), Dominant height (Invasion), Dominant height (Conquest).
  • Added mission Werbig station (Destruction).
  • Added mission Gogol street South (Assault).
  • Added mission Gavutu Airfield South (Invasion).
  • Added mission Beloe Lake North (Invasion).
  • Added new mission Fortress West (Invasion).
  • Expanded the combat zones and changed the location of respawn points and ammunition resupply points for ground vehicles in multiple missions: The Reich Chancellery (Conquest); The Reich Chancellery (Confrontation); The Reich Chancellery (Invasion); Hermann Goering strasse (Conquest); The Kroll Opera House (Invasion); The Kroll Opera House (Assault); Ministry Garden North (Invasion); Ministry Garden South (Invasion); Ministry Garden (Assault); Ministry Garden (Destruction)"; Hermann Goering strasse (Invasion); Königsplatz (Confrontation); Königsplatz West (Invasion); Königsplatz East (Invasion); Moat East (Invasion); Moat West (Invasion); Wilhelmstrasse (Conquest); Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion); Lehrter Bahnhof (Conquest); Lehrter Bahnhof West (Invasion); Lehrter Bahnhof North (Invasion); Lehrter Bahnhof (Destruction).
  • Fixed the collision of large rocks on the River crossing map in Berlin.
  • Fixed various places where AI soldiers could get stuck on Normandy maps.
  • Fixed the AI soldiers’ behavior on ladders in boiler rooms on the Steel Mill map. 
  • Fixed an issue with wall collisions in the workshop on the Steel Mill map.
  • Fixed the too sharp edges on the road near the bunkers on the D-Day map in Normandy.

Other Improvements

  • Due to the appearance of APCs in the game, new in-game score bonuses have been added.
    • Bonus when an ally uses the mobile respawn point (in APC): 50 points.
    • Bonus for destroying an APC: 100 points.
    • Bonus for helping to destroy an APC: 20 points.
    • Bonus for the vehicle crew for destroying an APC: 50 points.
    • Bonus for the vehicle crew for helping to destroy an APC: 10 points.
    • Bonus for building a gun that destroys an APC: 30 points.
    • Bonus for building a gun that helps to destroy an APC: 10 points.
  • Added an additional score bonus for kills at a distance of more than 85 meters with any firearms, except weapons mounted on all types of vehicles. The bonus will be 10 points and, thus, killing from a long distance will give the player not 30, but, taking into account the bonus, 40 points.
  • Improved the logic of the "The Ranged Master" Battle Hero award. Scoring is now limited to firearms and does not take into account long-range kills from using vehicles, as this goes against the concept of an infantry "sniper" award.
  • Added "The Best Builder" Battle Hero award, given to the player who earns the most points for engineering related actions. This new badge will be awarded to the player who has earned the most "engineering" score from the two teams, but not less than 250 total score. In case of a tie, the player with the higher place on the main scoreboard wins. This award does not guarantee a place in the "Battle Heroes" section, it is counted as a "Specialist" award when calculating bonuses for squads and soldiers.
  • Further rendering and game optimizations in terms of CPU usage. This should improve performance in combat on all configurations.
  • Headgear now sits correctly on the heads of soldiers of all countries.
  • Improved character animations when sprinting down stairs.
  • Fixed a bug where parts of the airplane could not be rendered from the cockpit.
  • Fixed bugs in hit calculation on soldiers in vehicles with an open cabin.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the ocean on the D-Day map in Normandy.
  • Fixed the incorrect reflections on metal objects inside buildings in Normandy.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause a rally point to become unavailable after a soldier suicides on it.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the announcer's message to be duplicated at the end of a battle.


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