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Even more plans for future updates

Greetings, commanders. We are sharing with you another set of plans, after reviewing your feedback. This is our third and final set of plans for this year's upcoming updates. By now, the improvements mentioned in our first and second post about our plans have already started to appear in the game with the recent updates.

Improving APCs

Some models included in the update have obvious quality issues, and we are already working on fixing them. This will be released in a future major update. 

Technical issues, such as the off-road capability of APCs, will be fixed with hotfixes in the upcoming patches.

Paratroopers' BR

The unique mechanic of the paratroopers allows you to get weapons from the supply crate that are much more powerful than the squad's personal weapons. But not every player uses the crate or can reach it. So how do you calculate the squad's BR?

We solved it. The paratrooper squad’s BR will be based on the BR of the soldiers’ personal weapons. And the contents of the crate will be determined by the BR of the battle: in it you will find weapons that best match the location.

Glory (and rewards) for Heroes

The best player should be rewarded additionally. Right!

Early next year, we plan to introduce an additional Silver reward for special combat achievements, not just to honor the best players, but also to increase their progress in a measurable way.

M3 Lee in the folder

This new tank is now placed in the folder after the Mk.I "Grant". This change will allow you to continue researching without unlocking the M3 Lee, in case you have already passed this node.

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