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Update “Pacific War”

The long-awaited large Enlisted update is finally here! And with it — the Pacific War campaign and a new playable nation — Japan.

Admire your victories from the sidelines with the new replay feature, stick a 3D decoration onto your tank, check out how we’ve improved the VFX, graphics and optimization, and, of course, land on the sandy beaches of the Pacific. Bone-chilling “Banzai!” screams during melee charges are included. 

Advance on the Pacific front!

Introducing the new Pacific War campaign that is dedicated to an important stage of WWII, where the US fought against the Japanese, appearing in Enlisted for the first time! At the start of the campaign we prepared 26 levels for each nation, and lots of missions in the most popular game modes: you’ll participate in the decisive battle for Guadalcanal, consisting of multiple skirmishes in different locations, including the bloody battle for Gavutu island. 

Participate in the new campaign for free and with no restrictions — enter the first wave of offense!

Purchase the Special Landing Forces Pack and receive 2 premium squads for each side in the Pacific War campaign, soldiers, weapons and vehicles upgraded to pre-maximum level, and also an exclusive decorator for your nickname — let everyone know that they’re dealing with a Pacific War veteran!

Get a Special Landing Forces pack

Pacific War weapons

The new campaign introduces many unique weapons: from hydroplanes that can land and take off from the water’s surface and amphibious tanks, to amazing lunge mines, phosphorus grenades and SPAAGs. No matter what side you choose, you’ll find something to your taste. 

Learn about all of the available weapons in our devblog.

Supporting the Pacific War battles will be the floating fortresses — American and Japanese aircraft carriers. Pilots will be able to resupply and repair their aircraft on these bases. While enemy attack will be repelled by the powerful anti-air defenses mounted on these ships.

Massive VFX rework

We’ve done a lot of work on visual effects: improved explosions, fire, breaking glass, hits on various surfaces with weapons of all calibers, bullets flying through grass and leaves, destruction of objects, blood, wounds, and lots and lots of other details that surround you in battle have been significantly improved.

We’ve added new ways to interact with surfaces. Now hitting a dune will make a handful of sand fly into the air, and jumping into a wet trench will splatter dirt all around. 

We’ve also improved the variety of sounds for tank engines and tracks. All new effects look and sound much better, more detailed and realistic.

Better graphics and optimization

Great news for the players of all platforms: we continue to improve the game’s performance without losing image quality or resolution through better resource management. Enlisted now looks even better, but system requirements haven’t changed, while the frame rate has been improved!

A lot of work has been done on the game’s visual quality: we’ve improved the way the flora looks at distance, added a faraway fog effect (with an option to turn it on or off), and improved the rendering of water surfaces, reflections and refractions. Water ripples, foam effect, reaction to rainfall, new reflections: you can check out the results of our work in all campaigns.

Vehicle decorations

3D decorations have been added to all campaigns. Personal belongings, camouflages, weapons, useful items, and just talismans for luck that tankers in WWII carried on the armor of their vehicles. 

Make your vehicles unique! Place the decorations in the same manner as you do the historic decals: there are separate slots for them.

The replay feature

We’ve added replays to Enlisted. Now every battle in the game will be saved on the server, and you can watch them from all angles. Whether it’s your battle, your friend’s or some other unknown player’s — doesn’t matter!

To watch the replay, launch the Enlisted client and log in under the same account on On the “Replays” page you’ll find the list of recorded battles and a filter to help you find your battles or sort by your personal criteria.

You can rewind and pause the replay, change the camera angles — or even enable the movie mode that allows you to change color palette or even swap the time of day in the recording in real time!

Become a real wartime movie director!

Locations and missions

  • Added the Gavutu (Destruction) mission in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added the Gavutu South (Invasion) mission in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added the Gavutu North (Invasion) mission in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added the Gavutu (Confrontation) mission in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added the Gavutu (Conquest) mission in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added the Guadalcanal Coast East (Invasion) and the Guadalcanal Coast West (Invasion) mission in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added the Tenaru River (Invasion) mission in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added the Alligator Creek (Invasion) mission in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added the new Oasis South (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Added the new location and mission River Crossing (Invasion) in the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Added the new Communist Street (Confrontation) mission in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign. 
  • The battle area in the D-Day (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign has been fixed so that the defending tanks couldn’t move onto the hills.
  • Added cover to the Railroad Gun capture point to the Ruins of Vaux and Swamps of Reviers missions in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added the new Ruins of Vaux North (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added the new Ruins of Vaux South (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added the new Airfield (Invasion) mission with the Axis team attacking  in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Fixed vehicles getting stuck on the spawn points in the Ver-sur-Mer (Conquest) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • The battle area in the D-Day (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign has been expanded.
  • Fixed the spawn points for the ground vehicles in the Al Har West (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Fixed the spawn points for the ground vehicles in the Railroad Bridge (Armored Train Escort) mission in the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Improved the visual quality of the LCVP landing craft on the beaches of Normandy.


  • New weapons in campaigns (included with premium squads and available separately):
    • Fedorov Avtomat and MKb 42 (H) in the Battle for Moscow campaign.
    • Thompson M1921/28 SMG and StG 44 in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
    • BM-41 and Granatwerfer 42 mortars in the Battle of Berlin campaigns.
    • M1 bazooka and RPzB. 43 Ofenrohr in the Battle of Tunisia campaigns.
    • PPSh-2 and Orita M1941 in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • New vehicles in campaigns:
    • Tempest Mk.V and FW 190 D-9 in the Invasion of Normandy campaign
    • LaGG-3-34 and StuG III A in the Battle for Moscow campaign.
    • Hurricane Mk IIB and FW 190 A-4 in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Added a new grenade type — phosphorus grenades (in the Pacific War campaign). Upon exploding they light the nearby targets on fire and create a toxic gas cloud. The smoke from these grenades can be used as a cover.
  • Added a new weapon type — conical shaped charge anti-tank mine on a stick (appeared in the "Pacific" campaign). To use them, take the mine in your hands and hit the armor of an enemy tank. May the Emperor be with you.
  • Added a possibility of chopping off an enemy’s body parts with some melee weapons.
  • Authentic model of the machine gun nest with a Type 92 stationary machine gun is available for the Japanese engineers.


  • Added an option to shoot from personal weapons while peering from the tank hatch.
  • Pilot hands are connected to the aircraft controls in the Pacific War campaign. In the future, pilot models will be corrected in all other campaigns.
  • 3D decorations for ground vehicles have been added to all campaigns. You can find them in the Customization menu of your vehicle.
  • Authentic sights have been added for Japanese tanks.
  • Japanese decals have been added to the vehicle decal sets.
  • Fixed the crew positions in the Pz.IIC. Now the commander takes the place of the gunner instead of the loader.
  • The view from the aircraft has been improved. Added head movement when looking around. Maximum view angles have been increased.
  • Improved sounds of the player’s aircraft being hit. Now the player will only hear the hits that damage their aircraft.
  • Added an animation for repairing the vehicles. 
  • Added muzzle flash when firing aircraft cannons and guns.


  • Now the “+100% melee weapon damage” perk also provides the “+20% to the melee attack speed” bonus.
  • Radio operators in the Pacific War campaign can be upgraded to call in airstrikes, similar to the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Soldier clothing customization is available in the Pacific War campaign, similar to the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • In the Pacific War and Battle of Stalingrad campaigns it is now possible to customize the clothing of premium squads.


  • Added an option to purchase weapons and equipment straight from the inventory.
  • Fixed the display of the vehicle guns so that the name of the gun doesn’t overlap with the number of guns.
  • Improved the look of the Calliope tank on the tank HUD panel.
  • The number of player orders in the equipment and vehicle purchase window is now automatically refreshed. 
  • Added a reset to the beginning of the items list upon pressing Esc when returning to the Logistics window.
  • Added a localization of errors when the connection to the game server is lost.
  • Vehicle grouping in the hangar has been simplified.
  • Added an ability to sort the wall posters in the player profile by campaigns and armies.
  • Added a hint about enabling the personal weapon mode when peeking from the tank hatch, and about using the binoculars. 
  • Hints have been removed from the minimum UI mode.
  • Added a low server tickrate warning icon.
  • Tone mapping and color correction in the menu screen have been changed and are now closer to a neutral setting. Tone and color of the soldiers’ skin, of the clothes, equipment, and other important details have been corrected. The lighting of the soldiers’ skin and fabric in the menu have been changed to be more natural and smooth, and glares have been removed.

Game mechanics

  • New mechanic: the berserk-attack mechanic.
    • gives a speed boost and widens the field of view;
    • your character loses less speed when taking damage;
    • melee attacks take less time;
    • A charge can be performed when you have enough stamina and have a suitable melee weapon or a weapon with a bayonet equipped; the cooldown for charge is 3 seconds.
  • The damage multiplier when shooting the enemies’ legs have been reduced (from 80% earlier):
    • new damage multiplier when hitting a hip is 60%;
    • new damage multiplier when hitting a shin is 45%;
    • new damage multiplier when hitting a foot is 30%.
  • Added an ability to push boats.
  • Added aiming mode for the AA stationary gun. The Ctrl key is for the default switch to the default mode. (PC)
  • Improved hit registration for all ground and air vehicles. The improvement is most noticeable when shooting anti-tank rifles.
  • Added a mechanic for several soldiers being pierced through by a tank shell.
  • Added effects for interactions between the aircraft and the explosive shells (airborne explosions, missile tracers, MLRS and grenade launchers). 

User modifications editor

  • In the object search window and in the list of selected objects an RI name is now shown (if object is RI).
  • An option to set up hit points for RI or make them indestructible has been added. Decorative RI are now indestructible by default.
  • When inputting text filters, an X button is added on the right to clear the input field and reset the focus.
  • When searching for objects, Ctrl+click now allows to highlight objects and remove them from selection, and Shift+click allows to choose several objects in a row.
  • When enabling the Toolbox/RendInsts mode, RI for the selected objects are now selected automatically (if there are any).
  • When choosing RI from the list an option to use the mouse wheel for scrolling has been added.
  • Sorting modes have been added to the search window.
  • Added auto saving of the scene every 5 minutes (can be disabled in settings).
  • Added a display of the list of objects when selecting more than one object with an option to view properties of any object in the list and go back to the list by clicking on the title.
  • In the object search window with the RendInsts filter enabled the unbaked_rendinst objects are now displayed.
  • W/E/R keys now no longer reset the Toolbox/RendInsts mode.
  • Buttons to create RI objects and scenery_remover have been added to the Toolbox/RendInsts.
  • When inputting text filters, you can now press Enter to finish your input (to remove the focus).
  • Added tags and groups (both preset and user-created) support to the RI selection dialogue.
  • In the Toolbox/RendInsts mode the Instance button now works for the RI objects as well.


  • Added an option for the player to enable the toggle mode. It allows you to, for example, make holding your breath on the keyboard to be toggled on and off by pressing a button and not holding it.
  • Added an option to switch to zoom for a tank commander peeking from the hatch in the same way regular weapons have two aiming modes.
  • Now it’s possible to control the movement of any vehicle if there’s a soldier from the player’s squad at the controls.
  • Added controller vibration for your own shots.

Other improvements in Enlisted

  • Added victory and defeat themes to the end of a battle.
  • Fog artifacts visible in foliage have been fixed.
  • Fixed the visual display and added extra details for the M41 fleece tunic. 
  • [Consoles] Variable Refresh Rate has been added to the new generation consoles. If your display supports this technology and you have it enabled in the console settings, the game will run at the maximum possible frame rate (120 FPS max).
  • [Consoles] Default free look button for the aircraft has been changed to L3/LS.
  • [Consoles] Command menu in the aircraft is now correctly set to open upon pressing R1/RB.
  • [Consoles] Healing, reviving, entering and leaving the vehicles, extinguishing fires, holding breath are now togglable actions, and no longer require you to hold a button.

Fixed errors

  • Fixed marker placement on an enemy through glass (earlier the markers were placed onto the glass).
  • Added new environmental effects in urban locations of the Battle for Berlin campaign (including the background effects). We continue to work on the details that affect immersion in all our campaigns. 
  • Fixed an error that sometimes caused incorrect free look in a tank hatch. 
  • Fixed TAA smearing on characters at low TAA settings and on the Xbox One S
  • Disabled the turret’s sights display when a player cannot currently control it.
  • Removed the display of ammo refill points when the player is in a vehicle that cannot use that type of ammo.
  • Fixed shaking of anti-tank guns when looking down their sights as they are being moved. 
  • Fixed an error that caused the player to be unable to move all of the guns  of the tank when the main turret’s drive was broken. 
  • Fixed the engine, oil, and water temperature values upon spawning an aircraft. Now they have realistic values instead of zeroes.
  • Fixed distant terrain flickering. 
  • Fixed a bright atmospheric dispersion on the screen edges inside dark buildings when moving the camera.
  • Lowered the visual recoil for M50 Reising for more comfortable usage of the sights when shooting.
  • Fixed an incorrect display of the night sky.
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