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Update (Server Update 28.12.22 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Fixed an error that caused soldier headgear to overlap when examining the squad in the main menu. Fixed lack of semi-automatic mode on the PPD-40. Fixed incorrect counting of kills from the Type 96 machine gun. They are now counted as kills in the “machine gun” weapon type.

It’s easy to report an error!

New Year's Breakthrough operation


Changed the large-calibre machine guns characteristics, base ammunition of some weapons and more.

The New Year sale started!



Fixed a bug that caused crew members to get stuck inside the IS-1 and IS-2 tank models when exiting them. Fixed some tree models in the Invasion of Normandy campaign. Improved the balance of various missions in all campaigns. Fixed incorrect icon for the SIG 1920. Tractor Plant location was added to the mod editor.

Update (Server update 16.12.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Fixed the bomb load of the Ju 188 A-2. It now has a payload of 6 250-kg SC250JA bombs. As it was before the wrong change...


Reduced the angle of guaranteed ricochet of high-explosive projectiles from 7 to 5 degrees. This change will increase the chance of projectile detonation. A smaller angle of contact with the surface will not trigger the fuse and the projectile will ricochet. Fixed a bug which sometimes made it impossible to use a heavy machine gun. The balance of new missions has been corrected.

High Caliber update

New Campaign Levels


Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong model to be shown when looking at vehicles. Unlocked the ability to build anti-aircraft guns for Allied army engineers in the Sea Predator event.

High caliber: heavy machine guns!

Even Fight Event: Sea Predator

Customization for Moscow, Normandy, and Berlin