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"Battle of Stalingrad" update


Meet the newest update to Enlisted and welcome in the new campaign: "Battle of Stalingrad".

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Parachutes and other new mechanics

The appearance of active terraforming in Enlisted is just one of the planned improvements to the game mechanics. We also want to impress pilots with the long-awaited ability to continue fighting even after losing a vehicle, as well as make gifts for fans of powerful guns and... heroic action?

Expanding Terraforming

Soldiers who fight in Tunisia are familiar with the ability to literally change the landscape of a battlefield with the help of sapper shovels. In the upcoming major update we'll be introducing a new, more efficient and effective way to create hiding places in a clear field. In every campaign!

New AI features and improvements

Reinforcements in Enlisted: New Campaign Levels | continued

We continue our series of devblogs. In this episode we reveal the new squads, weapons and vehicles. You are already familiar with the upcoming changes in the Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns, today we will talk about the changes in the Battle of Berlin and the Battle of Tunisia campaigns.

New missions

With more to follow in the upcoming major update, we invite you to visit the new battlegrounds we've prepared for all Enlisted campaigns.


Meet an update of weapons balance and other changes.

Reinforcements for Enlisted: new campaign levels

Another major update is coming, and in addition to many new mechanics and missions, it will bring new squads, weapons and vehicles to all Enlisted campaigns. With these, we begin a series of developer diaries. Talking about the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of Moscow.

Fiery November Results

The big Enlisted Operation “Fiery November” recently ended and we want to highlight your achievements.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №5

Modern conflict event prolongation

We prolonged the Modern conflict event until November 25th (15:00 UTC).

Server Update 22.11.2021

Soldiers, we are pleased to announce that we have solved the issues which related to experience accrual in cross-platform squads. Please note - if you continue to experience these issues, please restart the game.

Modern conflict event

Working on improvements to rally points

As an extremely useful game mechanic which will always be in the center of your attention, we thought it would be good to keep you updated as to upcoming changes involving rally points.

Update ( - Playstation, Xbox)

Fixed the colour of bunker walls in the Fortified District mission. Changed the pose of soldiers with a Charlton automatic rifle in the Soldiers menu. Canceled the increase of the minimum distance to the capture zone when setting up an engineering Rally point. We'll tell you more about our plans in a separate devblog. Stay tuned.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №4

The realized improvements mostly or even completely are based on the feedback you leave in the special topics and discussions on the online communities.