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Weapons and vehicles of the next update

In the upcoming update, several countries will get new and long-awaited top tier equipment! The Japanese army will receive weapons and vehicles of Tier 5 - now they are on the same level as any other country! To Germany's King Tigers, the US Army will answer with their M26 Pershing. Furthermore, the USSR and Germany also received a couple of new equipment. Keep reading for more details.

M26 (USA) - BR V

One of the most powerful US tanks that took part in the Second World War. Surpassing the M4 Sherman in all aspects.

Excellent 90 mm gun and much more reliable armor - from the hull to the gun mantlet.

In the ammunition rack you will find APCBC and APCR shells, in case you don't want to target weak points, even on the "King Tiger".

You'll just need to adapt to the limited mobility: the engine is a leftover from the later variants of the Sherman, and the armor added an extra 10 tons - 10 tons of reliability.

Tiger H1 (Germany) - BR IV

An early modification of the legendary German Tiger I, although not inferior in power to the later model.

All the same 88 mm gun with APCBC and deadly HE shells, decent protection and very good mobility for a heavy tank.

The difference is in the small details: the early variant’s commander cupola will provide better visibility and at the same time better protection for the commander.

The Tiger H1 will be placed in a folder with the Tiger E and will not be required to research to progress along the branch. However, fans of the model will find it quite interesting.

M1 Bazooka (USSR) - BR II

Anti-tank rifles, of course, are effective in their own way - from a distance, or against enemy infantry. But the USSR clearly lacked a more serious tool against armored vehicles at the early tiers.

Lend-lease offers a solution. The American "Bazooka" M1 will be a serious argument in battles (but experienced commanders will definitely leave a couple of soldiers with rifles).

KV-1 (ZiS-5) (USSR) - BR IV

A modification of the legendary KV-1 heavy tank, equipped with the ZiS-5 cannon and more advanced 76 mm shells.

Better accuracy and penetration, plus the KV-1's armor was also improved in certain areas.

Despite the more powerful gun, the weight of the vehicle remained the same, so you won't notice any changes in performance.

Type Hei Automatic rifle (Japan) - BR V

An impressive experimental design based on the Type Hei rifle - a rifle caliber automatic weapon with a 30-round magazine, bipod and even a bayonet.

With this caliber, the stopping power is unbelievable. At the same time, it has excellent rate of fire and fast reload time.

This rifle will be available at tier 5 and will be classified as a semi-auto rifle, so most soldiers will be able to use it.

Type 100 MG (Japan) - BR V

This machine gun came down to you straight from heaven.

Literally, since it was used by air gunners on large bombers. The Type 100 MG with its handy anti-aircraft sight will allow you to put two holes in your enemy with a single pull of the trigger

Twice the barrel, twice the chance of hitting and twice the damage if both bullets reach the target!

The magazine holds 100 rounds, 50 for each barrel, so you won't have to worry about reloading.

Ho-Ri Production (Japan) - BR V

It looks like a large barn - perhaps the enemy would derisively call it a coffin. Until they realize that it's very difficult to penetrate the Ho-Ri’s armor

And when the Ho-Ri fires back with its 105mm gun, it’ll go right through your Sherman.

It comes with APHE shells against armored vehicles and the most powerful HE shells.

If you can handle the size of this monster on the cramped islands of the Pacific and accept the lack of a machine gun, you will have no equal on the battlefield.

J2M3 (Japan) - BR V

By the fifth tier, Japanese fighters begin to become an increasing threat to Allied aircraft.


This modification of the interceptor already has a very serious weaponry: four 20 mm cannons with a total ammunition of 800 shells and a pair of 60 kg HE bombs. Good speed and maneuverability are the best answer to the American dominance in the sky.

Ki-84 ko (Japan) - BR V

The Mitsubishi J2M3's army counterpart, superior in maneuverability, speed and bomb load (250 kg). Pretty decent for a fighter!

Its weapons are a bit more modest: a pair of 20 mm cannons and 12.7 mm machine guns. But its ammunition capacity is just as large: 300 shells for the cannons and 700 rounds for the machine guns.

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