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Special slot for premium squads

Soon, your army will become larger by one squad, so potentially you will be able to earn more experience and Silver in battles without sacrificing combat effectiveness.

We're increasing the maximum number of squads you can take into battle by adding one extra slot - exclusive to Premium Squads.

Once bought, always useful

In Enlisted, we have quite a lot of squads of different classes. Throughout the development of the game, we've tried to impress you with premium units that stand out visually or with their weapons, and also give you double experience and Silver.

But the longer you supported the development of the game by purchasing these squads, the more often you encountered situations when it was tactically more favorable to take a more powerful regular squad into battle than an interesting, but weaker premium squad.

This new slot will not give combat advantages to players who support the development. All premium squads added to the game have roughly similar effectiveness as their upgradable equivalents, but stand out with their interesting appearance and rare weapons and equipment.

With their participation in battles, Enlisted will become even more diverse for all players.

Please note! We are still working on this feature and it might come out in a separate update after the major, if we can’t finish it in time.


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