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Teaching the AI how to handle heavy weapons

We continue to improve the combat skills of our AI-controlled soldiers: with the upcoming update, they will complete their heavy weapons training.

Give me the bazooka and step aside

First of all, this improvement will affect the AI AT Gunners in your squad. After the update, if you give them the order to destroy an enemy vehicle, they will use their AT rifles and rocket launchers, aiming at the most vulnerable parts.

Most importantly - don't run into the line of fire: friendly fire is on.

Mortar support

In some situations, battles may involve actual AI commanders with their own squad of soldiers. This can happen, for example, if a player loses connection to the battle.

Such commanders simply have to be useful to the team! So the mortar squads under their leadership will now be trained to use their specialized weapons - mortars. They will independently target zones where they expect to find enemies and begin their massive shelling. Grab a mortar and try to compete with such commanders in efficiency.

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