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Making Enlisted a Better Place №58

Lunar New Year

Reinforcements received: APCs

Reinforcements for Japan's motorized infantry!

New Battle Pass: First Season of 2024

Enlisted is coming to Steam!

Making Enlisted a Better Place №57

Extending the current Battle Pass season

Making Enlisted a Better Place №56

Mods Digest: To the new!

What’s new on YouTube? #7

The attack on servers and compensation on January 2

On January 2nd at 11:30 UTC our authentication servers were attacked by malicious users. This is the reason why you have had issues logging into the game and using our services.

Happy New Year, commanders!

Making Enlisted a Better Place №55


Fixed a bug that caused the appearance of low-polygon weapon and vehicle models during combat. Fixed incorrect vehicle spawn points in the mission Gare de Saint-Lo for all game modes. Improved the position of spawn points and the layout of combat zones in Königsplatz, Moat, The Kroll Opera House and Lehrter Bahnhof missions. Fixed a bug in US soldiers' customization in the Pacific war campaign. Now all the items lost due to the bug are available in the warehouse.