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Reworking old locations: Walking through frosty Moscow and sultry Tunisia

In Enlisted, we don’t just focus on new maps, but also improve our oldest battlefields. Thanks to our location artists, of course. We continue the tradition with improvements to Moscow and Tunisia - according to our statistics and your feedback.

Near Moscow

The changes here are mostly visual. We’ve brought the location up to our quality standards: more notable landmarks, new roads and a more detailed landscape. But at the same time, there are more hiding places and more attack routes. So it will become more interesting tactically.

Before changes on the left | After changes on the right

By the way, these changes affect both the winter and autumn map with the quarry.

On the sands of Tunisia

No less significant changes make the already detailed Tunisia more diverse. We’ve added several new details and covers to the open areas of the map.

Also, be sure to check out the He 111 that landed on the airfield for repairs.

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