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Enlisted: Reinforced will be released in Early Access on Steam

Friends, on March 28th, Enlisted: Reinforced - a version of our game specially for this platform - will be released on Steam in Early Access.

Together we will continue to make Enlisted even better, implement full support for the features of this platform, and also test the game on Steam Deck!

Enlisted: Reinforced on Steam and Steam Deck

The development of the special version for the new platform will begin with a closed testing stage. Early Access bundles will unlock unique game content, as well as support the development and creation of unique features specifically for Steam and Steam Deck.

Enlisted: Reinforced will support full crossplay between all platforms on which Enlisted is already available and will also work on the Steam Deck.

In the Early Access bundles we will include fully equipped unique squads with engineers, with which Enlisted newcomers even in their first battles will be able to overcome any opponent, and become useful allies for their teammates. The cost of the bundles themselves will be much lower than the total cost of squads, equipment and other unique content in them.

For those who just want the unique content included in the Early Access of Enlisted: Reinforced, we will be adding bundles with the same content to the Gaijin.Net store to ensure that we don’t offend those who support us by continuing to play via the standalone client.

Plans for the future

The decision on the format of further distribution of Enlisted: Reinforced will depend on the success of the closed testing.

Enlisted will continue to be available for free on our official website as well as on consoles. Updates for our game will be released on all platforms.

Answering your questions

Q: Will there be an option to keep my existing progression?

A. Yes. Purchasing a Reinforced bundle on Steam will also give you access to link your Gaijin.Net account (and your existing progression) to your Steam account throughout the game's closed testing.

Q: Do I have to buy a bundle on Steam Deck separately?

A. No need, just use your account that has access to Enlisted: Reinforced and everything will work.

Q: What will be in the Reinforced bundles?

A. There'll be three bundles with different content and price, but even the smallest will give you access to test Enlisted: Reinforced.They will include rare vehicles and infantry squads. We've taken your suggestions into account and added engineers to them, so new Steam players will be ready for the challenges of Enlisted battles from the very beginning. We'll announce more details about the contents of these bundles when Enlisted: Reinforced’s Early Access launches.

Q: Is there a difference between the new Steam and Gaijin.Net store bundles?

A. Each Steam bundle gives you access to the testing of Enlisted: Reinforced on Steam. Buying a bundle in the Gaijin.Net store will simply get you the exact same squads, weapons and exclusive content, but without access to the Steam version of the game. However, from purchases in the Gaijin.Net store, the developers will receive the funds in full for further development of Enlisted. So, thank you for that!

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