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Improving FPS and simulating the wind on paratroopers' clothes!

New technologies are coming to Enlisted! In the upcoming "Stronger than Steel" update, we are introducing official support for DirectX 12. This has allowed us to support the latest version of FSR 2.0 and opened up the possibility of implementing other new features in the future.

And for console players, there will be an option for "High performance" mode in the graphics settings.

FSR 2.0

In Enlisted, certain upscaling technologies are already available that render the frames at a lower resolution than the game settings and then upscale it to display resolution. This allows for a significant increase in FPS with minimal loss of image detail.

DX12 allowed us to implement FSR 2.0. This upscaling technology from AMD is available for any video card. You can try it by enabling DX12 in the game’s launcher.

High performance mode

In the upcoming update, console owners will be able to try out the new "High performance" graphic preset on previous generation consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® 4 Pro.

This mode offers similar graphics quality as the "Bare Minimum" mode on PC. This gives a noticeable increase in FPS, up to 60 frames per second. The Xbox One and PlayStation® 4 version will run in Full HD, while the PlayStation® 4 Pro version will offer a 25% higher resolution, 1800p instead of 1440p.

Simulation of wind affecting soldiers' clothing

We are working on simulating the effect of wind and other external forces on the fabric of your soldiers' clothing. In the upcoming update, you will see the first results on the clothing of paratroopers as they prepare to parachute into battle.

Get ready for the next major Enlisted update, commanders!

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