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Update ( — Xbox, Playstation)


In this update we have added several missions in the Battle of Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns, as well as implementing many of your requests and improvements. 

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New mission in the “Battle for Moscow” dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day

Battles in the “Conquest” game mode will take place on a large-scale territory and the estate itself, the former luxury of which is still visible through the dust of war. This location we have created is inspired by the building of the real Chernyshevs' estate in the village of Yaropolets. This mission will also feature cars for the first time in the Battle of Moscow campaign.

Big Update

In this update, we are pleased to present a bunch of AI related improvements which include the ability to choose your squad formation, improvements to AI paths and covering abilities, and the introduction of the long anticipated system of advanced orders for AI!

Improving Normandy

We’ve run two testing sessions of the “Invasion to Normandy” campaign, and want to tell you more about improvements that are currently in development thanks to your feedback.

Results of the second “Invasion of Normandy”

Players have carried out 11,550 Normandy Beach assaults and battles at Le Bre and Château du Bosq and we have received more than 100 suggestions from you.

Operation D-Day continues!

From January 12 to January 18, we invite all beta testers to join the legendary battles in Normandy again!

Twitch Drops: watch Enlisted streams and get rewards!

There's a general gathering for Enlisted and War Thunder players to get rewards for watching the live stream at in both games!

2020 Results

D-Day awaits!

To celebrate the upcoming holidays participants of the CBT will get access to three missions from the new Campaign. From December 23rd until December 28th you can take part in the legendary battles of Normandy!


AI-soldiers behavior improved when avoiding the player’s line of targeting. AI-soldiers act with better coordination, capturing strategic zones from different sides.


Added Nvidia Reflex support. The aircraft pilot now suffers from maneuvering overload. The tank cannon now looks equal to both the gunner and commander. Added penetration analyzer for anti-tank cannons built by an engineer.

Large Update

In this update we have worked on an improved interface, fixed many bugs, added two new missions and Engineers can now also build anti-tank guns. Most of those updates were implemented according to your feedback.


The rally points respawn limit has been reduced from 20 to 15. Stationary machine-gun build limit for a player has been reduced from 2 to 1. A stationary machine-gun can be destroyed with a single shot from a rifle at mid to close range. The stationary machine-gun overheat parameters have been changed. Now it will cool down quicker if not overheated.

Enlisted is now in CBT!


Cockpit for the Bf-109 F1 has been added. Sights for the I-153 and HS-123 have been fixed. A bug that didn’t allow the selection of a respawn point has been fixed. Display of the glass/perspex in an aircraft cockpit has been fixed. Shimmering of burnt down ground vehicle tracks has been fixed.

Enlisted will be available on Xbox Series X|S on launch day!

Enlisted will be part of Xbox Series X|S launch line-up as a Game Preview title and a timed console exclusive. A ‘Founder’s pack’ purchase will be required to get access to the game.