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Operation: Breaking Dead is extended!

Commanders, we’ve received a lot of messages requesting that we extend the event against hordes of motivated soldiers. It seems that even the motivated themselves want to continue the fight, here is an intercepted radio message from one of them: "The#r sc#e#ms #re so satis##ing wh#n I bl#w the#r en##re #eam up wi# my bo#b! Ha ha!".

As you wish.

Operation: Breaking Dead is extended until April 15th (13:00 UTC).

However, the "Testing new elite squads!" event will end on April 8th as we originally announced and we'll analyze your feedback and improve the operation.

Also, we've recently added a leaderboard to the event and a new prize, the "Horrors of the War" portrait, for those of you in the Top 10% of the leaderboard when the operation ends.

The portrait will be added to the Event UI a little later.


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