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Making Enlisted: Breaking Dead a Better Place

In this special edition of "Making Enlisted a Better Place", we’re going to delight you by adding a competitive element to the event that you love and a new reward for the most active commanders against the Motivated!


We have added a leaderboard to the event! Now you can track the top players based on multiple stats, such as: Motivated kills, Maximum survived waves, and more! Show the world how long you can survive!

New reward portrait: "Horrors of the war"

The most effective commanders of the event definitely deserve to stand out! We’ve prepared a unique portrait for you that reflects the emotions of soldiers who have seen them... the effects of the GSe07 contamination.

It will be awarded to participants who are in the top 10% of Operation "Breaking Dead" based on maximum waves reached.

The portrait will be added to the Event UI a little later.

Also, added a "Play the event" button to the "Testing new elite squads!" event window.

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