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New Battle Pass: Second Season of 2024

On May 15th, the new Battle Pass season will begin! But today we are ready to show you the BIG guns!

Main rewards of the season

For gold orders in this season, you can get machine guns for all countries, and these weapons will mostly have a low Battle Rating.

RPK 1943 (USSR, BR II)

One of the first works of the legendary weapons designer Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov - an experimental machine gun created to replace the DP machine gun.

Low and predictable recoil, comfortable rate of fire of 500 rounds per minute. 

Magazine size is limited, just 15-rounds, but the quick reloading time compensates for it.


Knorr–Bremse MG-35/36 (Germany, BR II)

A machine gun of Swedish-German origin, developed in the interwar period. At a time when there were still not enough MG-34s for everyone, the MG-35 was used by the elite units of the German army. Lightweight, simple, with a 25-round magazine and good open sights - you will surely want one of these.

Hotchkiss 1922 (Japan, BR II)

Japan was not shy to import and capture promising weapons from other countries during the wars with their neighbors. This machine gun, for example, comes from France, and it features a feed strip holding 30 rounds. You can always clearly see how many bullets are left in it and how many you loaded if the feed strip was not full.

Chatellerault M24/29 (USA, BR II)

This French machine gun was developed to replace the obsolete Chauchat machine gun in the interwar period and was intended to be better than its predecessor in every way.

The capacity of the magazine was increased to 25 rounds, the rate of fire to 590 rounds per minute, and the machine gun generally became more reliable and easy to use.

In the new season, worthy pieces of machinery with unique camouflages also await each country - as always, you can get them for gold orders.

ИС - 2
SBD-3 Dauntless
SBD-3 Dauntless
Pz. IV J
Pz. IV J
KI-84 Ko
KI-84 Ko

There are new unique soldiers too - each country will receive one unique Machine Gunner class soldier.

Elite Battle Pass owners will also receive a unique "Red Army pilot" portrait!

Cleaning up the BP store

With the start of the new season, some rewards from previous seasons will have a timer, after which they will no longer be available for purchase.

These will soon leave the store:

Unique weapons: The set of suppressed weapons with the Mosin M91 rifle with suppressor and Nagant M1895 with suppressor (USSR), The set of suppressed weapons with the M3 suppressed and Welrod mk.2 (USA), S&W Light Rifle (USA), Artillery Luger (Germany), Beretta 1918/30 (Germany). 

Unique vehicles: Grant Mk I "Atlanta II", A-20G-25 "La france Libre", Pz.IV E "Ghost division", Fw 190 D-12 "JV 44", StuG III F №16 1 Company StuG.Abt. "GD", BF-110 F-2 "Winter".

If you’re considering getting one of the rewards that are leaving the store, be sure to make your decision before May 29th.

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