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Try out the reworked matchmaking

Improving the recoil calculation formula

Important addition to the Tone Mapping changes

New Battlefield - Rzhev

Weapons and vehicles of the "Rzhev" update

New radio operator command: Supply crate drop

New technologies and graphical improvements!

Massive graphical improvements!

Better postures for tank commanders

The upcoming update already has a lot of new features for armored vehicles enthusiasts - the ability to repair modules from inside the vehicle, new realistic effects for the gunner's and commander's optics. But there is one more important improvement that we want to please you with, and it’s not just for tankers, but also for outside observers (watching through a sniper’s scope) - better placement of commanders looking out of the tank’s hatch.

Distortion effect for tank sights

Repairing vehicles from the inside

Enlisted: Reinforced will be released in Early Access on Steam

Improving FPS and simulating the wind on paratroopers' clothes!

Reworking old locations: Walking through frosty Moscow and sultry Tunisia