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Expanding the front line!

We recently released the “Battle of Tunisia” into closed beta testing, but we are already ready to please you again with new content in the upcoming major update. This time - making the Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy even larger!

Get a Boost in FPS for Enlisted

Soldiers, we've added an advanced AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution algorithm to the game that allows you to boost in FPS for Enlisted on your device without replacing your hardware.

“Battle of Tunisia” Campaign CBT and Big Update

Let’s give personal orders and find cover from bombs!

Today we bring you two great pieces of news while we work on finalizing the Enlisted update. Today we’ll discuss the function of the personal orders and how in the future you’ll be able to take cover from bombs.

Massive improvements in the progression system

While we are preparing new content and features for the major update, we’re also working hard to improve existing mechanics. One of the main areas we’ve been working on is the progression system for soldiers and weapons.

Invasion at Beloe Lake

Every day Enlisted gives our team more and more experience, which we apply not only to new missions, but also to improvements of already familiar places. One of the oldest maps in the game, Beloe Lake, will be among these places in the upcoming update.

Time to dig!

Today we’re happy to reveal a new feature of the upcoming major update in Enlisted.

We are going to Tunisia!

Boosted progress and custom battle rules

We continue to reveal some of the new features from the upcoming major update, and in this devblog we have three great upgrades.

New Artillery features

New transport vehicles

New paths in Invasion

OOne of the most loved game modes - Invasion - is becoming even more interesting and diverse in the upcoming update. Come and get used to new tactics and paths in alternative versions of already known missions.

“Battle Summer” Rewards

On the 9th of July we have a new operation starting in Enlisted with a number of great rewards, so let's take a look at them in more detail.

Battle for Berlin Reinforcements: Level 24-26

Welcome to the final devblog of the series where we will introduce you to the new upcoming content of the “Battle for Berlin” campaign. Everything will become available in an upcoming major update.

Upgrades to the Battle Pass in Enlisted

We are implementing a number of substantial upgrades and improvements to the Battle Pass. The new season will start on June 24th, meaning you have two more days to finish the current season! In the next season we will deploy a number of improvements and new types of rewards.