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“The Flames of Stalingrad” event

Ready, to arms, soldiers! Today we're announcing the launch of "The Flames of Stalingrad" event for our new Enlisted campaign! Complete event tasks and earn rewards to further customize your soldiers!

The event takes place from March 30th to April 4th, and you can complete the tasks in the Battle for Stalingrad campaign!

You can see the progress of your tasks in the "Achievements" tab.


A total of 44 soldier’s appearance orders can be earned for participating in the event. These orders can be used in any campaign in the game, but are currently the most useful in the new customization system active in the Battle for Stalingrad campaign, where you can purchase various uniforms and decorative pieces of equipment.

This number of orders is enough to completely transform any individual soldier of your choice!


To unlock the event rewards, there are several event tasks you must complete one by one: 

  • Fight in 5 battles of the Stalingrad Campaign. 
  • Kill 50 enemies in the Stalingrad campaign. 
  • Finish a battle in the Stalingrad campaign by placing in the Top 30% of your team 3 times. 
  • Win 3 times in the Stalingrad campaign. 
  • Finish a Battle in the Stalingrad Campaign by placing first on your team 3 times.
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