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"Battle of Stalingrad" update

Meet the newest update to Enlisted and welcome in the new campaign: "Battle of Stalingrad".

With the addition of one of the fiercest battles of World War II, Stalingrad will bring a lot of exclusive new features to Enlisted: flamethrower tanks, a new class - the Medic, bomber air raids, customization of soldiers and vehicles, as well as many variants of new weapons, such as the Ampulomet and remote explosives.

You can fight for Stalingrad for free or by purchasing the Full-Access pack - allowing you to speed up your progress and get access to more units, weapons and vehicles.

New items are waiting for you in the other Enlisted campaigns as well - new locations and missions, weapons, squads and vehicles, AI gunners for aircraft, silenced weapons for all campaigns and armies, updated effects and improved gunfire sounds, and the first female squad in Enlisted!

"Battle of Stalingrad" - Full Access
Предзаказ -
  • Full access to the "Battle of Stalingrad" campaign
  • A premium squad of tankers for the Soviet Armed Forces + HT-130 flame-throwing tank
  • A premium squad of tankers for the Wehrmacht forces + Pz.Kpfw. II (F) flame-throwing tank


Weaponry and equipment

  • "Battle of Stalingrad" campaign: added Ampulomet M41 (available in Engineer squad upgrades), Mannlicher M93, MP-717(r), MKb 42(H), remote explosives (takes an inventory slot for a mine), Maxim machine gun on a Sokolov station, soldier and equipment customization: uniforms, camouflage, decals and historical markings.
  • "Battle of Tunisia" campaign: added the Johnson M1941, ZH-29, Turner SMLE (with premium squad), Beretta M31 (with premium squad).
  • "Invasion of Normandy" campaign: added the Colt Monitor (with premium squad), the Kiraly 43M (with premium squad), the Browning M1919A6, the MG 34 with the Patronentrommel 34 magazine and a bayonet for the Lee-Enfield No.4 MkII.
  • "Battle of Berlin" Campaign: added the Fedorov assault rifle, MP 43/1 - additionally, the SVT-40 and AVT-40 now come with bayonets when received.
  • "Battle for Moscow" campaign: added the DT-29 and Kiraly 39M.
  • Flak 38 - turret rotation speed has increased from 20 to 60°/sec. Vertical aiming angles have been changed from -10/+87 to -5/+87 degrees.
  • The AVT-40 now has an ammo count of 45 rounds.
  • The M30 Luftwaffe drilling in the "Battle for Berlin" campaign has had its ammo count  increased from 10 to 12 rounds.
  • Updated the 3D model and textures of the following weapons - Mauser 98k, MG 42, Mannlicher M93, PPsh-41, PPsh-41 (box magazine).

Squads and vehicles

  • "Battle of Stalingrad" Campaign:
    • Added the following tanks for the USSR: T-70, T-34 (L-11) gun, KV-1 with (L-11 gun), T-34E STZ.
    • Added the following German tanks: Pz III ausf.J, Pz III ausf.N, Pz IV ausf.F2, Pz IV ausf G.
    • Added the following USSR aircraft: Yak-7B, P-40E, Su-2 (M-82), Boston Mk.3 with a UTK1 defensive turret, the Po-2 night bomber as part of a Premium squad including the first female squad in the game.
    • Adding the following German aircraft: Bf 109 E-7, IAR-81C, Ju 87 D-3, Potez 633.
  • "Battle for Moscow" campaign: added a premium M3 "Medium" tank along with a squad. Added the Pe-2 and Bf 110 F-2 aircraft to the progression branch.
  • "Invasion of Normandy" Campaign: added the M4A1 76(W) and Tiger E to the progression branch.
  • "Invasion of Normandy'' Campaign: a premium squad of the 2nd Parachute Division, 6th Wehrmacht Parachute Regiment, equipped with Danuvia 43.M submachine guns has been added.
  • "Invasion of Normandy" Campaign: a premium squad of the 28th Infantry Division, 112th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, equipped with Colt Monitor LMG has been added.
  • "Battle of Berlin" Campaign: added the La-7 and Bf 109 K-4 to the progression branch.
  • "Battle of Tunisia" Campaign: added the Beaufighter mk.10 and Bf 110 C-7, as well as the Sherman II and Pz.IV Ausf.F2 tanks to the progression branch.
  • The ability to customize vehicles with camouflages and decals has been added.
  • The uniforms of German motorcyclists in Tunisia have been changed to historically accurate overcoats.

Locations and Missions

  • New missions and locations in the "Battle of Stalingrad" campaign: Communist street (Invasion), Gogol street East (Invasion), Gogol street West (Invasion), Univermag North (Invasion), Univermag South (Invasion), Communist street (Destruction), Central station (Conquest).
  • New missions in the "Battle for Moscow" campaign: The Voskhod settlement (Invasion).
  • New missions in the "Invasion of Normandy" campaign: Gare de Saint-Lo North (Invasion).
  • New missions in the "Battle of Tunisia" campaign: Kahif cave village (Invasion).
  • The Seelow Heights (Armored Train Escort) mission has been divided into two new missions: Werbig station (Armored Train Escort) and Railway bridge (Armored Train Escort). The Seelow Heights (Armored Train Escort) mission is still available via Custom games.

New Battle Pass season

The next Battle Pass season begins, where you'll meet new heroes, test silent weapons, and get uniquely camouflaged equipment, among various other items. We’ve discussed the season in more detail in this blog.

New weapons of the season

  • A Mosin rifle modified with the Mitin brothers silencer.
  • An Erma EMP with a silencer.
  • The PPD-BRAMIT, a prototype silenced weapon for partisans and spies, a deep modification of the Degtyarev submachine gun.
  • Silent M3, a modification of the M3 "Grease Gun" with a silencer.
  • The De Lisle Commando carbine, the first serial weapon with integrated silencer.
  • An 1895 model Nagant revolver with a silencer system designed by the Mitin brothers ("BRAMIT device").
  • The ČZ vz. 27, A Czech semi-automatic pistol.
  • The Welrod mk.2, a silenced magazine pistol with a manual reload action.

Gameplay and progression

  • Added the ability to call in AI-controlled bomber strikes in the "Battle of Stalingrad" campaign (available in squad upgrades for Radio operators). Added the ability to move cannons installed by engineers.
  • Added mechanics of stamina use when aiming down the sights while using heavy weapons. If the stamina level falls too low then the soldier will be unable to lift the weapon and fire. Stamina is not drained when using a bipod (this mechanic has been added in the "Battle of Stalingrad" campaign).
  • Molotov cocktail efficiency has been improved: now it does damage in a radius of 4 meters and is guaranteed to set soldiers on fire within the radius at the moment of impact,  in addition Molotovs will be able to disable the engines of vehicles more effectively.
  • The damage model for tanks has been updated: the tank's ammo racks are now tracked correctly and match the remaining number of shells, which significantly reduces the chance of ammo detonation.
  • Tanks are now set on fire when the engine fails from incendiary and flamethrower damage. 
  • The targeting cursor in ground vehicles now follows the turn of the vehicle when changing the course.
  • Added ammo boxes for tanks in Practice mode.
  • Changed the destruction logic of empty tanks: abandoned enemy tanks no longer explode when hit by small caliber rounds.
  • Added physical interaction of vehicles with different surfaces. Depending on the type of surface (dirt, snow, road, etc.) the maximum speed and acceleration time of each vehicle will differ. Also, surfaces will affect tracked and wheeled vehicles differently. Wheeled vehicles will show the best traction and speed on hard surfaces such as paved roads. Tracked vehicles are less dependent on the surface and, for example, do not lose as much speed when traversing through mud.
  • Corrected ricochets from gravel and concrete surfaces.
  • Improved bipod mounting of machine guns.
  • Added ammo box usage animations.
  • Now allied explosives, shells and bombs will cause concussive effects. Small pieces of cover do not protect against concussion.
  • Damage against the tracks of armored vehicles has been reduced if the anti-tank weapon's projectile could not penetrate the track.
  • Increased damage dealt to a tank's barrel if an anti-tank weapon's projectile hit but failed to penetrate.
  • Now you can start healing with the first aid kit while running, the soldier will switch to walking.
  • When entering an open vehicle the camera will automatically point in the direction the vehicle is moving
  • Kills with sniper weaponry are now logged in the correct category, before they were counted as rifle kills regardless of the weapon selected.
  • Improved the mechanics of returning to the battle area when parachuting: now, if there is a chance of getting damaged when landing with a parachute due to an incompletely opened parachute or by descending too fast, returning to the battle zone will now only happen after a successful landing in which the pilot survives.
  • Kills from assault rifles (not sniper rifles) are now counted as kills from submachine guns.
  • Reduced the maximum drop height at which a soldier can survive.


  • Added AI-controlled gunners to control the rear turret of aircraft. The new crew members independently detect the target, warn by voice when the enemy appears and begin firing.
  • When in a tank, the AI crew will now prioritize the loader's position first.
  • AI-soldiers now keep trying longer to spot and engage a player who is out of their line of sight.

Interface and Graphics

  • New effects for flamethrowers (tank and manual) and burning have been added.
  • New flash effects for firearms using a muzzle break have been added.
  • Added new visual effects of hits unique to each type of surface.
  • Interior lighting at minimum graphics settings has been made brighter.
  • New menu icons for mines and grenades have been added: Molotov cocktail, smoke grenade, explosive bag, antipersonnel mine.
  • Antipersonnel and anti-tank mines now have separate icons.
  • Widgets for Events, Special Events and Special Offers on the right side of the game menu have been merged into one.
  • Added a "change nickname" button in the profile window.
  • Improved the visuals of soldiers' eyes. Now they look more realistic.
  • Added craters for tank shell hits.
  • Score accumulated for capturing points is now displayed for the entire squad, instead of a fraction of a single selected soldier.
  • Disabled the killer display (the red outline of the enemy player) when killed by bombs, mines and artillery.
  • Added a "Report a problem" button for consoles.


  • Added sound effects of hitting and walking, unique to each type of surface.
  • Updated firing sounds for the following weapons: Mosin M1938 carbine, Mosin M91/30 rifle, Mosin M91/30 sniper rifle, Mosin rifle with Diakonov grenade thrower, PPD-34/38 (box), SVT-38, SVT 40, Sniper SVT-38, PTRS 41, DP-27, DT-29, PPS-42, M1928A1 Thompson with box magazine, AVT-40, Sniper AVS-36, AVS 36, Kar98k, Pre-war Kar98k with scope mount, Mannlicher M93, Kar98k with scope mount, MP 28, Gewehr 41, MP 40, MG 42, MKb 42(H), Sniper MKb 42(H), MP-717(r).


  • Fixed the jumpy movement of the train.
  • Fixed the stuttering animation of armored vehicles moving further than 30 meters away from the observer.
  • Fixed some visual errors regarding aircraft, including the presence of a smoke trail on planes with undamaged engines.
  • Fixed the carry position of several held weapons in menus: ERMA EMP 44, OVP M1918, Bren Mk I, Vickers-Berthier, FG 42, Carcano M1891, Browning M1918A2, Degtyarev PDM-42, Browning M1918, MP 41, AVS-36.
  • Fixed soldiers getting stuck in the radio use animation if the Tab or Esc button was pressed at the end of the animation cycle.
  • Fixed the progress indicators for building and fire extinguishing that didn't disappear after a soldier died.
  • Fixed the incorrect camera movement caused by switching between visors in a tank.
  • The camera movement is now much more smooth when in a downed state.
  • Fixed the absence of the radio operator's radio in the squad menu.
  • Fixed the camera reset, which occurred every time an AI-soldier entered a vehicle with weapons (for example, in a motorcycle with a machine gun).
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to use melee weapons in vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the suicide option to not function in the menu.
  • Fixed the Alt key locking up (for PC on Windows).
  • Fixed vehicles getting stuck on spawn points in the following missions: The Reich Chancellery (Conquest) in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign, Ruins of Vaux (Invasion) in the "Invasion of Normandy" campaign and Gorge (Invasion) in the "Battle of Tunisia" campaign.
  • Fixed the disappearance of stationary machine guns when destroying its base, now the machine gun falls to the ground instead.
  • Fixed the time counter overlapping the event name on the main screen.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the display of squad classes containing more than one specialist in the personnel improvement menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused control keys to not be displayed in the tooltip window in Invasion game modes.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the soldier selection menu to be missing when respawning.
  • Fixed incorrect shots per minute values in the weapon cards of some rifles.
  • Fixed the missing non-empty magazine reload animation for the VMP 1926.
  • Fixed the game crashing after setting the computer to sleep (Windows/Linux).
  • Fixed the vertical camera limitation when aiming while prone.
  • Fixed the interaction between bullets and bombs and the surface of water.
  • Fixed not returning to the battle zone when landing with a parachute on water.
  • Fixed an animation bug when viewing soldiers at long range.
  • The pistols of pilots and tankers are now loaded.
  • Fixed a bug which didn’t allow picked up allied weapons to have their ammunition replenished.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the bipod to be deployed in the air after raising up from a prone position.
  • Fixed the incorrect ammunition count for the P-51D-5 in the menu.
  • Fixed vehicle respawn points being open to enemy fire in the Omer (Destruction) mission, armored vehicle respawn points have been moved to locations where they aren’t immediately visible to the enemy.
  • Refined the thickness of some internal parts of tanks, such as the engine and transmission.
  • Fixed visual defects with blood when switching from minimum graphics settings and back.
  • Fixed bugs caused by the lighting from streetlights in the "Battle for Berlin" campaign.
  • On gamepads, the control binding for the "show circular menu" button has been changed from holding up, to holding down R1 (for PlayStation®) and RB (for Xbox).
  • XBOX: Fixed the status update of online friends.
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